MTI Photo: Péter Komka

An incredible new viewpoint was opened recently in Nógrád county. Prónay lookout provides a view overloking the area from Mátra to Pilis. It is for free and open 24/7, according to NLCafe.

The 26-meter-tall tower called Prónay lookout was opened recently in Romhány, the Ministry of Agriculture announced. The structure consists of 32.5 square meters of layered, adhesive-bonded spruce. 128 steps lead up to the top. The lookout was funded by Ipoly Erdő Ltd. and it was constructed from a budget of approximately 146,000 euros.

The structure is accessible by taking a short derail from the path of the National Blue Trail and it can be visited any time of the year.

MTI Photo: Péter Komka

Its terrace is built 23 meters above the ground and it offers a wide view on the environment. You can see Börzsöny in the West, Selmeci-hegység (Štiavnica Mountains) in the North and Szandavár in the East. In the distance, you may spot Karancs, the mountain chains of Mátra, Gödöllő Hills in the South, Naszály, Pilis and the peaks of Visegrád Mountains.

The tower was named after the Prónay family, who were an important dynasty in the region with a long and interesting history.

Ipoly and Karancs-Medves can also be seen, furthermore, these will be the venues of Ipoly Erdő Ltd.’s later investments in tourism. These areas are preserving such cultural, historical and geological treasures as the Palóc Museum in Balassagyarmat; the Madách and Mikszáth mansions; Széchenyi-castle and Memorial Museum and the historical city center; the valley of Páris, the andesite pillars in Somoskő, Szilváskő and Bér; and the castles in Nógrád, Csábrág, Somoskő and Salgó.

Photo: MTI/Péter Komka

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Source: NLCafe

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