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Spring is coming very soon to Hungary, and it is highly recommended to take advantage of the good weather in these three months, after the snowy and cold 2018-2019 winter season. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas for outside activities in the spring.

Although the first couple of weeks in March will be tricky, the rest of the spring is expected to be warm as usual in Hungary. If you are in Budapest for a long period of time and you wish to take a break from the hectic everyday life of the capital city, then this is for you – explore nature around Budapest.

Budakeszi Wildlife Park ‘A gate to the forest’

You may not have known how close you are to nature and wild animals in the city of Budapest. Just about 10 kilometres from Budapest city centre, you can find brown bears, lynxes, racoons, moufflons, buffalos, foxes or wolves, but there are 50 more wild animal breeds in this wonderful wild animal zoo.


This is why the park’s slogan is: ‘A gate to the forest’.

The Garden of Philosophers

The Garden of Philosophers is located on Gellért Hill’s northern side, which was built by a Hungarian-born sculptor, who has taken up Japanese citizenship during his life. On the ground, you can read ‘For the better understanding of each other‘. After walking up to Gellért Hill’s northern side, it is worth watching this sculpture complex and trying to guess which statue depicts which great philosopher or which religion’s representative they are. Besides the philosophers and the green environment near the statues, it is also worth looking over the city – the garden offers a beautiful panorama to the city of Budapest.

#viewpoint #budapest #trip #spring
The Garden of Philosophers, wikicommons, author: Own work
Author Gothika


Normafa is without a doubt in the top 3 favourite destinations of Budapest nature lovers. It is visited by thousands of people in a year because of its fresh air and the many faces that this park offers. Firstly, you can take trips and walking tours in the area but also use chairlifts or watch the landscape from a lookout tower.

In addition, Normafa is an area for sports lovers. Runners, outside gym-goers, cyclists, roller skaters find Normafa the best place to do sports. If you are not a big fan of sports that exhaust you, you can still throw frisbees or organise a picnic party with your friends or colleagues.

#normafa #trip #spring
Normafa in the spring

Zugliget chairlift

#zugliget #trip #budapest #spring
Zugliget Chairlift

Zugliget chairlift, also known as Budapest chairlift, was built in 1970 and it connects Zugliget to János Hill ( district XII). The full length of this chairlift is 1040 metres, while the ground level difference is 262 metres. The trip can be taken in just 12 minutes. The chairlift operates every day of the year from 10 am to 7 pm. The chairlift’s higher station is a 30-minute walk from the 21A bus station, next to Normafa.

The upper station of the line is on János Hill, just next to the Elisabeth lookout tower. A good program for children might be the children’s train.

#zugliget #trip #budapest #spring
Budapest Children’s Railway (Gyermekvasút), wikicommons, author: NearEMPTiness

János Hill and Elisabeth lookout tower

If you have made it to the Zugliget chairlift, you can reach the Elisabeth lookout tower or ‘Erzsébet kilátó’ in Hungarian. One of the most well-known and liked lookout towers in Budapest and Hungary, it is also Budapest’s highest point with its 527 metres above sea level.

A breathtaking view from the top is guaranteed, and the wonderful building also makes a perfect spot for an Instagram post.

The lookout tower is open every  day from 8 am to 8 pm.

#viewpoint #budapest #trip #spring
Elisabeth lookout tower at János Hill, author: Tanár, wikicommons

Featured image: facebook.com/libego

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