A startup within a startup HRN, disruptHR helps organizations find the ideal candidate, bringing innovative HR tech solutions to facilitate HR-related matters.

As the first ever Startup Safari Budapest is about to open, the generally active startup ecosystem is becoming even more lively, excited by the opportunity to showcase what they have up their sleeves. A safari is when you observe creatures, in this case up and coming young companies in their ‘natural habitat’; this unique initiative is an opportunity to take a sneak-peak into the startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and community hot spots. This action-packed event includes breakfasts, office tours, workshops, mentoring sessions, hackathons, tech meetups, science shops and much more.

The big questions, however, for everyone who is involved or hopes to get involved in the magical-mystery world of this very popular phenomenon, aka startups: How do you show who you are and how do you find the right talent for your brand? How do you ensure you use appropriate and innovative tools that actually contribute to the future development and process management of your company?

HR may not be top of the list for the cool new innovators; nonetheless it all comes down to relationships between people – your colleagues, work buddies, office friends, or inspirational peers, call them what you will. If you are very lucky the ideal working solutions or the right future partner with the right talent might just miraculously knock on your downtown co-working space door. Sharing the luck and making it happen is what the HRN-initiated disruptHR is all about, it adds spice to the story and helps organizations to find who and what they are looking for. disruptHR is all about people like you, full of great ideas and the urge to shake up obsolete and legacy corporate ways.

HRN (Human Resources Network), are a new breed of networkers, researchers and event organizers, a group of people who bring the largest HR tech thinkers and evangelists under one roof at HR Tech World, a series of shows to answer the challenges companies are facing. A startup within the startup that is HRN, disruptHR is shaping the industry by sharing the finest and most trending solutions with the HR Tech Sector. It’s a buzzing space, full of energy and dynamism for everyone who is truly interested in what the tech savvy innovators really have to say on changing the business-as-usual ethic., it’s a space for everyone, who is looking for alternative answers to perennial questions such as how and where to leverage the best talent and keep them engaged.

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