national day of defence
Photo: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Marking the national Day of Defence on Thursday, defence ministry state secretary Szilárd Németh said Hungarians could always count on the country’s soldiers to risk their own lives to protect the lives of their compatriots in times of peace, in emergencies, during disasters and in the midst of the pandemic.

The Day of Defence, celebrated since 1992, commemorates the soldiers who recaptured Buda Castle from the Austrian occupiers during Hungary’s 1848-49 freedom fight.

“We have been proud of the courage of Hungarian soldiers ever since,” Németh said.

He expressed thanks and appreciation to the Hungarian army for serving their homeland “in an exemplary way” and protecting Hungary’s independence, peace, security and freedom.

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He also commended the army for its “outstanding and indispensable role” in containing the first wave of the novel coronavirus epidemic, and for serving at the southern borders in a joint operation with the police to protect Hungarian and European security.

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Source: MTI

  1. The Hungarian armed forces re way to small to defend the Country. Up until recently most of their weapons and equipment were too old to be sold. There was an almost complete lack of modern armor. The Air Force only has 12 modern combat planes. In a modern 21st Century war the Hungarian armed forces would not last more than 48-72 hours. The Air Force would be destroyed in the first few hours. This lack of attention to national defense and the refusal to adequately spend on the military will come back to haunt them sometime in the future.

  2. Alhorvath, in his comments may be correct.
    My preference, in a World War at this present time, in it’s History, it’s fight against the ravaged effects it has and continues to impact it-self, of this novel coronavirus pandemic, should WAKE UP, and pay far less attention to building it’s arsenals, and spend greater tax payer monies, that ensures the quality of life, through medical facilities and science is a Priority of there Governments.
    Globally, this novel coronavirus pandemic, has highlighted the unpreparedness of countries, in large numbers, of there medical and scientific inapt facilities of the 21st century, to cope & manage this novel coronavirus.
    The fragileness of the countries of Europe in there relationships together – European Union and ALL, prior to this novel coronavirus pandemic, was volatile and on shaky ground.
    This European picture has in fact deteriorated over the past (3) three months and is a destabilization force throughout the World.
    What shape will Europe make up after this WAR against this novel coronavirus, that has either been tamed or conquered through the discovery of a Vaccine ?
    The Face of Europe will be changed – it will operate and function with noticeable change(s) to the Europe, prior to this novel coronavirus pandemic.
    Hopefully, to the tone of Alhorvaths comments, changes that will be seen in Europe will not take acts of invasion nor inabilities of human beings and Governments to resolve there disputes and problems but resolved, by the proper use and implementation process through the use of diplomatic process.
    If there is a continuation of unreconcilable differences in Countries within Europe, the times from 1939 on, the changes in Europe since those infamous years, a 21st century WAR of Differences, would Destroy the Europe we see and know in the year 2020.
    History – tells us – FACT – and if Mankind doesn’t put it’s heads into or back into books of History, the aftermaths of Invasions and Wars, and see realize there human destructional process, in this nuclear age, the Future of the World, its precarious position, it is to-day, what would be it’s Future.

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