Szilárd Németh WW2

Hungarians will always honour the memory of soldiers fallen in their country, including those who fought against them, State Secretary of Defence Szilárd Németh said on Sunday in Csólyospálos, in southern Hungary, at the consecration of the refurbished graves of Hungarian and Soviet soldiers fallen in World War Two.

It is a special duty of the Hungarian government to preserve the memory of war heroes and ensure that the fallen soldiers should not remain buried in unmarked graves, Németh said.

Németh noted that more than a hundred thousand Soviet soldiers, tens of thousands of Germans, and thousands of Bulgarians, Romanians and soldiers of other nationalities died in Hungary.

The government has signed agreements with nine countries on taking care of war graves and urge for further such agreements to be signed, wherever necessary and possible, he said.

The commemoration was also attended by Deputy House Speaker Sándor Lezsák and Counsellor Alla Afonina of the Russian Embassy.

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Source: MTI

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