Hahót, Hungary. Photo: MTI

From September 21 the state will offer up for sale 6,300 small parcels of farmland in the third round of its land sales programme to diminish the number of collectively owned farmlands, Hungary’s Agriculture Ministry said on Tuesday.

The National Land Affairs Centre (NFK) will be selling parcels smaller than 10 hectares until Oct. 21, through announcements and without auctions. Purchase offers can be submitted online.

Real estates for sale will include 1,400 parcels newly on offer with a size between 3 and 10 hectares as well as 4,800 parcels under 3 hectares that were not sold in the first two rounds.

The list of lands advertised for sale will be available on, and will also be published on the websites of the municipalities of the affected settlements.

In the first two rounds the state offered up more than 15,500 properties smaller than 3 hectares and it sold 5,550 hectares of land for more than 5 billion forints.

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Source: MTI

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  1. No doubt the building permits will be for sale shortly thereafter: chink chink as a few chosen disciples pocket the cash!

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