The wind rose suddenly in Balatonlelle. The boys were playing with a ball, but one of them could not make it to the shore, reports Forty-eight people were rescued from Lake Balaton on Sunday. Sailing boats capsized, and people with airbeds, paddle boats and surfs drifted.

A 19-year-old boy was drowned in Lake Balaton on Sunday, his body was found on the shore of Balatonlelle. His companion was rescued by water-guards, police told MTI.

The boys were playing with a ball in the water when the southerly wind became stronger and blew their ball towards the middle of the lake. Both of them swam towards the ball, but they did not have enough strength to swim back in the rough water. One of them sunk before the help arrived. They were looking for him to no effect, his body was washed ashore on Monday morning.

The Water Police Station of Lake Balaton was alerted 18 times on Sunday, and according to the announcement of the Police Station of Somogy County, they rescued 48 people altogether.

Eight sailing boats capsized or got stuck on the sand, while two motor boats could not make it to the shore due to mechanical troubles. Four people with airbeds and two with paddle boats were drifted away in the gale, while a surfer and a swimmer got so exhausted that they would not have been able to get out of the water if it were not for the water-guards, according to the announcement.

Therefore, the police again drew everyone’s attention to the fact that last summer the continental storm-warning system was completed, with yellow and red flags on the surface of Lake Balaton, by the Water Police Station. In case of a storm warning of first degree, the water police carry around a yellow flag on their motor boats, while in case of a storm warning of second degree, they carry a red flag, thus making them visible for everyone.

In case of a storm warning of first degree, the storm-warning flashes 45 times a minute. In this case, one can swim or be in a boat or use any other water sports equipment 500 metres far from the shore at the very most. In case of a storm warning of second degree, the storm-warning flashes 90 times a minute. In this case swimming is forbidden, and being in a boat or using any of the water sports equipments is also forbidden (except for sailing boats).

According to the water-guards, the emergency can usually be prevented by paying attention to the storm-warning, the good evaluation of the current situation and keeping the safety rules. The water-guards recommend people visiting Lake Balaton to keep the following rules.

  • If you cannot swim, do not go into natural waters, only cool down near the shore.
  • Weak swimmers must only swim in shallow water.
  • Never get far from the shore with equipment you barely know.
  • Do not jump into the water suddenly from padde boats and other equipment, since you cannot always be sure how deep the water is, and the temperature of the water can cause a sudden shock.
  • If you are not sure about your swimming ability and you set out in some kind of watercraft, use life-jackets.
  • Do not stay in open water in periods of extreme heat (between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm).
  • Do not consume alcohol in order to be able to handle an emergency.
  • Do not swim or use any water sports equipment alone far from the shore.

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