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Brüsszel, 2018. október 18. A Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda által közzétett képen Angela Merkel német kancellár és Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (j) beszélget a 12. Ázsia-Európa (ASEM) csúcstalálkozón Brüsszelben 2018. október 18-án. Balra Venkaiah Naidu indiai alelnök. MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Szecsõdi Balázs

Hungary’s government has hit back at Former Finnish prime minister Alexander Stubb’s call on the European People’s Party to consider expelling Fidesz from its ranks, saying that its refusal to back “the liberals’ immigration policy” was the reason behind the political attacks directed at Hungary.

Stubb, who is competing with Germany’s Manfred Weber to become the EPP’s lead candidate for the European parliamentary elections, told RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland in an interview on Saturday that if Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán does not respect the EPP’s values, he must leave the grouping. Stubb said he “doesn’t tolerate intolerance” and called Orban’s “restrictions” on the right to assembly and academic freedom “unacceptable”.

The Government Information Centre reacted by reiterating that

Orbán and Fidesz will support the election of Manfred Weber as the EPP’s lead candidate.

“Next week the European People’s Party will make an important decision when it selects its lead candidate for next year’s European Parliamentary elections,” the centre said in a statement. “Alexander Stubb is the candidate of the EPP’s liberal arm and has an excellent personal relationship with George Soros,” it added.

Fidesz belongs to the EPP’s Christian democratic wing, and the reason why Hungary is being attacked and criticised is because Viktor Orbán and Fidesz do not support the liberal wing’s immigration policy,” the statement said.

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  1. The is a Line I remember from the Movie, “Karate Kid” where “Mr. Miogi” a master Black Belt, is instructing young Ralph Macchio a certain Way to break a Hold…when the Student asks…”What if he just raises his Head & butts me in the Face?”…to which the Master replies…Easy…not be there”

    So let’s say that the Visegrad 4 take French Leave of the 3rd-world EU…join the 1st world EFTA & persuade EFTA to move HQ from Geneva, which does not have Embassies, to Bratislava, which does.

    Explain to me then, how Alexander Stubb would be able to turf Fidesz out of the EPP?


  2. Hungary will NOT be bullied by Soros puppets no matter where they hail from. Stubb needs to realise that he does NOT have the right any more than Soros and his puppets do to determine whom is allowed to live in Hungary or represent it in the EP. These globalist do not care about anything except instituting their one world government. They will make the former Soviet Union and former Iron Curtain nations look like paradise if they succeed in getting a one world government and the ability to silence all disidents. They do not care about the migrants if they did they would help them in their own lands and refrain from making continuous wars against them to steal their natural resources. Stubb will not silence the will of Hungary.

  3. Next week the European People’s Party will make an important decision when it selects its lead candidate for next year’s European Parliamentary elections, the centre said in a statement. Alexander Stubb is the candidate of the EPP’s liberal arm and has an excellent personal relationship with George Soros, it added. Is this a joke? Is Soros than taking over the EU-parliament?
    And what will Stubb think of the following commotion regarding Belgian clown Verhofstadt: The EU family business Verhofstadt is also called ‘La Cosa Nostra’. Maybe some of you know the messages about this Belgian clown Guppy Verhofstad, the puppet of Soros and that these messages do not appear in the MSM media for fear of losing jobs. The expansion of the Cosa Nostra led by Guy Verhofstadt (Guppy) is growing thanks to the combined EU subsidies, your money, as cabbage. Now you know this and also know that Mrs Verhofstadt, under her maiden name Dominique Verkinderen, runs the wine trade of the family. Guppy asks for a bad bottle of grape juice ‘only’ € 25, but you can say that you belong to the ‘inner circle’ of Guppy. Bad? Yes, because the vineyard of the family is just in the wrong place according to residents of Santa Monica Tiburtina, so there must be quite a few sugar cubes to make the juice somewhat drinkable. Yes, and in the meantime married daughter Charlotte ‘works’ as personal assistant to EU-parliamentmember Hilde Vautmans of the ALDE party in the EU parliament where Daddy Guppy is the party leader. But why, in our excitement, did we read nothing about that little boy with whom Charlotte is married? Would he, no, he would not be able to work at the EU, would he be there? And yes! Florian Lang is the EU project researcher for the projects FP7Source and Horizon-2020 Mindb4act and let both projects now focus on what we all look forward to, namely an even better migration and the prevention of radicalization and extremism in Europe. Radicalization of course means that you should not vote for political parties that do not think like ALDE, and for the Netherlands these are the VVD and D666. And so the net closes ever faster and EU citizens only seem to be caught on small flies in a large spider web co-managed by la Cosa Nostra of this family Verhofstadt.

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