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PM Orbán and former Macedonian PM Gruevski Photo: facebook.com

Hungarian MEPs on Thursday were divided on a report passed by the European Parliament calling on Hungary to extradite former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Ruling Fidesz called the document an “ideologically-driven attack” on Hungary, while opposition MEPs supported it.

The report, which MEPs passed with 470 votes in favour and 116 against, calls on the Hungarian authorities to hand over all of their information on Gruevski’s case.

Fidesz MEP László Tőkés said in reaction the Hungarian authorities had handled the former Macedonian prime minister’s case lawfully. He speculated that “the migration issue and the Soros lobby” were behind the push to “oust and convict” Gruevski.

Socialist Party MEP Tibor Szanyi accused the European People’s Party of aiding and abetting Fidesz, saying that the Gruevski case was “further proof” that

EPP was “incapable of keeping [Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán, this real dictator, on a tight leash”.

Csaba Molnár and Péter Niedermüller of the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition said “the Orbán government has embarrassed Hungary on a global scale”. “We European Hungarians won’t put up with Orbán turning our country into a collection site for failed politicians, criminals and terrorists,” they said.

State secretary for international communications Zoltán Kovács said in reaction that

the “European Parliament’s pro-migration majority proved once again that only migrants matter to them, and they go after everyone who protects the borders”.

“In the Sargentini report, the European Parliament defended Ahmed H, who had been convicted of committing a terrorist act, ignoring that he attacked Hungarian police officers and wanted to break through the fence,” Kovács wrote in a Facebook post. “Meanwhile, the EP immediately attacked the former Macedonian prime minister who had built a fence in an effort to stop migrants,” the state secretary added.

Photo: facebook.com – Gruevski

Source: MTI

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  1. I know I’ve said this more than Once in this Space…(& maybe even more than 3 Times)…but as a 1-time classroom Teacher who always pitched his Lesson to the Back Row until I was sure they got it…I must persevere…

    The EU is an “anti-European Entity”…the Same as the CEU on 9-11 Nador u…to which it is joined at the Hip.

    The pro-European Alternative to the EU, is EFTA, the “European Free Trade Association”.

    The Weakness of EFTA, ( whose Members are better-organized than those of the EU), vis-a-vis the EU…is that its HQ is in Geneva, which does not have Embassies…unlike Brussels, which does.

    Should the Visegrad 4 relocate to EFTA, with the EFTA HQ moving to Bratislava…(which unlike Geneva, DOES have Embassies), EFTA, which allows its Member States to maintain their own national Parliaments, control their own national Borders…have their own Agriculture with their own Plants & Animals, have their own National Cuisines & National Holidays…& not take their marching Orders from Guy “Punch” Verhofstadt & Judit “Judy” Sargentini, would easily collapse the EU…even bring in Russia…this Time without its Sidekick Kazakhstan…as the “E” in EFTA stands for “Europe” & not “Eurasia”

    “Nobody sleeps in my Class” declared the estimable Nietzsche…& I would call on “Viktor’, in the back Row…(who appears to be behind in his “Vitamin Z”), to start thinking about moving the Visegrad 4 out of Brussels & into “EFTA, Bratislava”.

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