Clavicont, DiabTrend, HepC and Spicy Analytics got into the finals of a startup competition organized by the European Institution and Innovation &Technology (EIT). The first three teams will be awarded 25, 20 and 15 thousand EUR to develop a prototype of their product. The finals will take place in Budapest, in November.

Helping to cure Parkinson Disease, diabetes, and Hepatitis

To start with, Clavicont is a tool supporting neurological and psychological diagnostics able to

detect Parkinson Disease accurately

even during its incubation period. This would be extremely important since, without early detection, the patient has no chance of getting treatments or lifestyle advice. Secondly, DiabTrend is an application that

supervises your blood glucose level

and warns of its dangerous changes, by making a continuous analysis based on your data. For those interested deeper in what DiabTrend does, here is a presentation by Marcell and Tamás Havlik, the two co-founders of the startup:

Furthermore, HepC is aiming to struggle against viral infections like Hepatitis B and C. Finally, Spicy Analytics’ activities include

healthcare data collection,

data analysis and modeling based on complex data with sophisticated methodologies, market research, application development and clinical trials support services.

According to the organizer EIT Health, the four Hungarian teams are competing with 21 additional European startups. The ‘Innostars’ Awards program is suitable for start-ups, spin-offs, early-stage companies and SMEs that already have a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) on the field of healthcare and information technology.

Perfect possibility to break into the market

Successful applicants can take part in mentor programs and other training. Moreover,

they can get 8,000 EUR funding

as smart money for business development, business plan writing, and product validation. Besides, they can even consult with experts about their product.

In the first stage of the competition, each team had the chance to take part in a boot camp in the Instituto Pedro Nunes Incubator (IPN), Coimbra, Portugal. There they could prepare for the second stage with the help of trainers and experts which is presenting the business plan to an international jury consisting of healthcare professionals, representatives of EIT Health core industrial partners and market experts. This year’s finals are taking place in Budapest on November 30. The first three teams will be awarded

25, 20 and 15 thousand EUR to develop a prototype of their product.

As we already reported, Hungarian startups are becoming more and more successful lately in many areas.



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