Lancut, 2016. október 14. MTI

Rzeszow, Poland (MTI) – Over the coming years, the Visegrad Four (V4) countries will need to be as consistent about security as they were in their struggles for their freedom, Hungarian President János áder said in Rzeszow, in south-eastern Poland on Saturday.

The defining idea in the modern history of the V4 group was freedom, Áder said at the closing press conference of a two-day summit of the presidents of the V4 countries which include Hungary, the Czeczh Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

In the communist era the V4 drew strength from each other’s struggles for freedom, the president said, noting the 1956 anti-Soviet uprisings in Poznan and Budapest, the 1968 revolt in Czechoslovakia, the Polish protests of 1970 and the period of martial law there beginning in 1981. This kind of unity between the four countries was also present at the time of their accessions to NATO and the European Union, Áder added.

Lancut, 2016. október 14. Milos Zeman cseh, Áder János magyar, Andrzej Duda lengyel és Andrej Kiska szlovák elnök (b-j) a visegrádi csoport (V4) államfõinek találkozóján a délkelet-lengyelországi Lancutban 2016. október 14-én. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor
V4’s presidents: Milos Zeman, János Áder, Andrzej Duda, Andrej Kiska, Photo: MTI

The V4 continuously looked out for and learned from one another during their journey to their democratic transitions in 1989, Áder said. It was at that point when every nation in the region could declare themselves free, he added.

Noting the 60th anniversaries of the Hungarian and Polish revolts of 1956, Áder said both revolutions are still relevant today. The Hungarian revolution is especially relevant from the point of view of Hungarians, because they define themselves as “a nation of freedom”, Áder said.

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But in 2016, the issue of security has emerged, he insisted, adding that the V4 will have to be at least as consistent about this as they were in their fights for freedom over the past 40 years.


The V4 summit was also attended by EU energy union commissioner Maros Sefcovic.

Source: MTI

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