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Now that the cold weather has waved us goodbye as soon as the Easter holiday was over, we can expect the easy rain showers to continue throughout next week, with some sunny changes in the weather. We are looking forward finally to a real spring.

Sunday – April 8 writes that the weather will suddenly warm up, the sky will mostly be sunny, with cloud-racks making a short appearance here and there. No rain is expected, but the south-western wind will be strong in some regions.

Temperatures are expected to be around 20°C.

Monday – April 9

Following the warm sunshine of Sunday, cloud-racks take over the sky on Monday. Showers and rainstorms are expected in West-Hungary in the afternoon. Időké further adds that the wind will blow, though only slightly.

The maximum temperature will be around 18-23°C.

Tuesday – April 10

The weather will be mostly cloudy, in numerous places rain, showers and rainstorms will make an appearance. The wind will persevere; it will become strong mostly in Transdanubia.

The temperature in the early morning will fall to 7-12°C, while in the afternoon hours will be between 16 and 20°C.

Wednesday – April 11

Clouds will break up, only a few of them will occupy the sky, it will be mostly sunny. Significantly lower chances of rain are expected, although writes that it will rain during the night.

The temperature will be steady at 20-21°C.

Thursday – April 12

A lot of sunshine will characterise the weather in the majority on Thursday, finally. However, in some places, cloud-racks and slight wind are still expected in the afternoon.

The temperature will be warm, however, between 20-25°C.

Friday – April 13

The chances of getting some Vitamin-D and enjoying the sunshine will be lowered with the appearance of cloud-racks. In some places, it might even rain, and one should be prepared for rainstorms even. The wind will gain strength again.

The temperature will be between 18-23°C during the day.


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