Budapest, 2017. június 8. A BKV nosztalgiaflottájának legújabb autóbusza, az Ikarus 630 Cabrio Budapesten, a Batthyány téren 2017. június 8-án. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

The Heritage Transport Services in Budapest are very popular both among locals and among tourists. BKK is continually working on improving these services, either by expanding the lines and active periods or by introducing new services. From June 2017 to September 2017, a convertible IK630 bus will be at your service, reports

The single IK630 convertible bus will roam Budapest’s streets between June and September, mostly on the weekends, but it can also be hired as a charter. Ikarus started manufacturing a handful of buses of this type in 1958, making it a rare bird back then. The fact that it is back in service after 37 years, just adds to the magic.

There are only 38 passenger seats on the IK630, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the most popular sightseer buses in the past. It was put on the streets of Budapest first in May 1962, then further two buses were added to the collection in 1963, due to popular demand. These three buses were in service until 1975.


Budapest’s public transport is ever-improving, but the directorial board of BKK tries to make sure that the values of the past are not forgotten. Alexandra Szalay Bobrovniczky, the vice-mayor of Budapest, told that the results from 2016 show that it is not only the locals that are interested in the Heritage Services, but tourists as well.

According to the chief executive of BKK, Kálmán Dabóczi, one of the company’s goals is to provide the tourists with an unforgettable and pleasant experience by giving an exciting tour around the city’s most beautiful spots.


As BKK received a lot of negative criticism lately over the issue of Metro Line 3, Tibor Bolla, president and chief executive of BKK, said that the Heritage Services will not function as metro replacements, for this purpose, there are several modern, air conditioned, low-floor buses. He also added jokingly, that if people say that BKK has only old and outdated vehicles, then now they have a reason to do so.

The bus cost approximately 78,000 euros, but thanks to a compensation design, they could call in a 32 thousand euros debt, so they did not have to pay the whole amount.

featured photo: MTI

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