After more than 30 years, you could observe a total lunar eclipse combined with “supermoon” at Monday dawn, MTI wrote.

Supermoon is the phenomenon when our celestial companion, going in its elliptical orbit, gets into perigee, that it is the closest to the Earth this time. In this case the distance is 50 thousand kilometers less between the Moon and our planet than at apogee, in the furthest corner of the Moon’s orbit from the Earth. Due to the proximity, the planet seems to be 14% larger and it shines 30% brighter in the sky compared to the full moon at apogee.

“Simple” lunar eclipses are fairly common, they occur on average twice a year, and in the 21st century, our planet’s shadow will be projected 228 times on the heavenly body. The coincidence of the supermoon and the lunar eclipse is extremely rare: the last of these happened in 1982, and you have to wait 18 years for the next, until 2033.

The next total lunar eclipse, which can be observed from the territory of Hungary as well, will be on July 27, 2018.

based on the article of MTI
translated by BA

Photos: MTI


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