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Budapest (MTI) – Although the campaign preceding the referendum on the European Union’s mandatory migrant quota scheme made hardly any impact on the popularity of Hungary’s major parties, support for the Jobbik has continued to decline since September, according to a fresh poll by Median published on hvg.hu on Wednesday.

Among the whole voter sample, ruling Fidesz was backed by 36 percent. Support for Jobbik declined to 10 percent, the lowest point since January 2014. The Socialist Party is supported by 9 percent of voters, the Democratic Coalition (DK) by 6 percent, the green LMP by 3 percent and Együtt by 2 percent. Another four parties – Dialogue, Liberals, Workers’ Party and the satirical Kétfarkú Kutya (Two-tailed Dog) – won the backing of at least 1 percent of the electorate, the poll said.

In the group of decided voters who have a clear party affiliation, Fidesz’s support stood at 53 percent. Sixteen percent favoured Jobbik, 14 percent the Socialists, 9 percent DK and 3 percent LMP and Együtt both.

Fully 29 percent of respondents disclosed no party preference at all.

The proportion of respondents who said the country was “going in the wrong direction” rose to 55 percent as against 38 percent who said just the opposite.

Source: MTI/hvg.hu

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