surgery operation hospital
surgery operation hospital

Surgical duty in Budapest is going to be ceased from April. Those in need have to be medicated by local hospitals in their own areas. Pal Gyorfi, spokesman for the ambulance service said that acute surgery will be strengthened in the capital, reported.

The National Ambulance Service informed the heads of the institutions  about the change. According to the newspaper Nepszabadsag, the change affects only the surgical duty for now. The ambulance will bring the patient to the hospital that is responsible for her, based on her address. Those who do not have a reported address in the capital will be taken to the hospital which is the closest.

The hospitals cannot refuse the medication due to lack of capacity. They can only send the patients elsewhere after they gave her satisfactory treatment and if documents ensure that the other institution will take care of their patient. Nepszabadsag knows that surgeries are poorly-financed; therefore no institution will be interested in the medication of other people.

According to Pal Gyorfi, spokesman of the ambulance service told that acute surgery will be strengthened in the capital.

There will be surgeons everywhere

The patients will be able to receive surgical care in any hospital 24 hours a day.

Thus, the surgical capacity will be strengthened in Budapest from April 1. It means that, in addition to the current few institutions, all hospitals with surgical department will cure the urgent surgical patients all day. However, the accident surgical, vascular surgical, neurosurgical and cardiac surgical care will continue to operate invariably – Pal Gyorfi said to

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