HVG commissioned Medián Public Opinion & Market Research Institute to conduct a representative survey in June. According to 24.hu, it turned out that there’s only one thing that occupies people more than corruption, and it is health care, which is thought to be just as serious of a problem as immigration and unemployment. Also, the public opinion finds Fidesz more corrupt in 2016 than MSZP. 2/3 of people think that Orbán’s government is “much” or “very much” characterised by financial malversation. Besides the 4/5 of oppositionists and “indefinite” voters, and also third of voters loyal to the governing party think the same.

Fidesz supporters about Fidesz

The absolute majority of electors (56%) thinks that the authority pursues corruption selectively. Out of them, almost every second Fidesz follower (47%) believes that “today’s Hungarian government is only after corruption in which it is not concerned”. A fourth of them (23%) thinks that “the government doesn’t fight against corruption at all”. Only the 17% of Fidesz supporters believe that “the government stands up against all forms of corruption consequently”.

Serious percentages

The majority (60%) agrees that corruption is controlled from above in Hungary. However, related to this question 52% of the Fidesz supporters’ point of view is that “malversations are the private actions of dishonest officers”. Despite the Prime Minister’s denial, 47% thinks that it is conceivable and 31% thinks that it is very probable that successful entrepreneurs like István Garancsi, Lőrinc Mészáros and Andy Vajna are the stooges of the Prime Minister. This was unbelievable for only 15% of the people asked. More than 90% of the respondents assume that Viktor Orbán is wealthy, and every second respondent listed him as one of the wealthiest people in the country.

Some even say “dictatorship”

Corruption affects the Hungarian political system’s judgement. 20% of respondents think that the most accurate expression is “dictatorship”. “Bourgeois democracy” and “magisterial system” got 18%-18%, but the “mafia state” (15%) expression also came before “system of national cooperation” (9%) and “illiberal democracy” (8%). As 24.hu has previously reported, when it comes to Fidesz, corruption comes first to the mind of twice as much people than people who first think about Viktor Orbán.

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Source: http://24.hu/

  1. I keep reading that Mr Orban is a dictator and FIDESZ is corrupt but no proof is ever published to back up this statement. I wonder if the new paper would publish a statement that there is pink snow on the ground. Rumors should not be printed without proof. Your credibility is at risk, think about that.

  2. Lucky for Orban, Mr. Polt ensures the evidence that is available against him never gets used. At least for now. There are many cases currently outing several Fidesz politicians. But of course birka don’t want to see it.

  3. It must be tough having to put up with the daily judge and jury rant from the opposition. Now they’ve hired a media group that sings their tunes and writes undocumented scratch. I wonder what else the opposition will manage to [email protected]%K up for the people by constantly fighting to take over everything. When will they learn to stop behaving as a bunch of inbreds each fighting to grab the last cookie in the jar.

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