Budapest, October 12 (MTI) – Fully 84 percent of Hungarian respondents in a survey supported Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s proposals for handling the migrant crisis, as against 13 percent voicing support for businessman George Soros’s proposals, online news portal reported.

The portal’s opinion research partner KOD Institute asked respondents in a telephone-based survey to rate the two proposals on crisis management, the portal said on Monday.

According to KOD’s questions Orban had proposed that if Greece cannot protect borders from migrants, this task should be taken over by the European Union’s border authorities. Refugees who are fleeing war zones should be separated from “economic migrants” already on the Greek and the Italian Schengen borders, and the EU must widen the circle of countries deemed as “safe” for migrants. Further, all EU countries should raise their spendings towards a joint solution by 1 percent, according to Orban’s proposal. Orban also urged partnership with countries without whom the situation cannot be controlled and he also pushed for the introduction of worldwide quotas.

Fully 84 percent expressed agreement with these proposals, while 12 percent rejected them and 4 percent could not decide, said. Among right-wing voters the rate of agreement was 93 percent, in the political centre it was 85 percent and on the left, 63 percent, the portal said.

Soros has proposed that the EU should accept one million refugees each year and that each migrant should be given 15,000 euros in support in their first two years. The EU should raise support for migrant services to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan and a joint EU refugee agency and border protection service should be set up. Safe routes should be created from Greece to Italy for refugees to reach the EU and economic players should be drawn in to help the economic integration of migrants.

This set of proposals was supported by 13 percent of respondents, against 79 percent rejecting them and 8 percent not able to decide. On the right, 90 percent expressed support for Soros’s ideas, in the centre 76 percent and on the left 66 percent, the portal said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Soros with all his billions could help Hungary and Hungarians, with the economy, with business ventures etc. He could also promote minority ventures for the Hungarian minorities living outside the borders.
    Maybe I’m wrong, however, I view Mr. Soros as being Hungarian in name only.

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