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Based on the newest survey of Eurobarometer, most citizens of the European Union are satisfied with their family life, current occupation and the fact that they live in an EU member state. Oh but the Hungarians… writes that nine out of ten people agreed with the statement that they live a happy private life, while 64% are also satisfied with their jobs. The majority (89%) of EU citizens are happy to live in the country they live in and 78% are also happy to live in an EU member state.

Compared to the average score (91%), 84% of Hungarians said that they were satisfied with their family life, only the Czech, Romanians, Slovakians, Lithuanians and Bulgarians reported worse results. However, we are more satisfied with our current occupation than the EU average (Hungarians 66% vs. EU average 64%).

But Hungarians don’t seem to be satisfied with life in their country, only 62% said that they were indeed satisfied, which makes it the lowest rate in the EU.

The Danish are the most satisfied with life in their own country (99%), they are followed by the Irish (98%), the Dutch and the Swedish (97%). The EU average rate regarding the index is 89%. Besides Hungarians, the least satisfied are the Bulgarians (66%) and the Romanians (67%).

Hungarians are also the least happy with life in the EU, only 57% of the respondents said that they were happy about being an EU citizen. This rate is the highest in Luxemburg (97%), followed by Ireland (94%) and the Netherlands (92%). The EU average is 78%, the Czech Republic (58%), Romania and Greece (62%) came before Hungary.

The respondents were also asked about major global challenges the EU is facing. The French, Spanish, Greek, Italians and Romanians believe that the most burning question is unemployment, while the Germans, Swedish and Slovakians said that the most vital issue was social inequality.

Respondents from Finland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom find terrorism and security policy to be the greatest challenges, while the Czech, Polish and Hungarians think that the migrant crisis is the major global challenge the EU is facing.


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