Hungary cheat survey is a Hungarian lover searching website and they asked 1,600 people who wanted to cheat on their partners why they would like to do so. Their answers are more than interesting.

According to, two pc of the relationships end because one of the partners cheated the other. Women are much more active in this respect, most of the times they cheat on their partners, and they want to end the relationship regardless of whether it is a long or a loverlike one. 

Interestingly, most of the extramarital relationships are not short. In the case of the men living in cities, they can last even for more than ten years while women tend to cut them shorter: 1-2 years is the average among them.

The average deceiver has 2-3 children

and their secret extramarital relationship is based on mutual feelings. Interestingly, only a relatively small pc of such relationships end because one of the partners get caught. 

Most of the people taking part in the survey know or assume that their partner already cheated on them. The study says that 1/3 of the people do not regret what they did, and they do not feel remorse. Interestingly, women and older people are less sensitive in this respect.

Of course, it is not easy to decide what counts as cheating. According to 1/3 of those taking part in the survey, only if somebody regularly sleeps with somebody else than his husband/wife.

Only 20 pc of them thinks that even being together with somebody else once counts as cheating.

For example, if somebody sleeps with his colleague after a company party that is not cheating in itself.

Most people agree that online is easier to find a partner to cheat their wife/husband than in real life. Furthermore, in that case, each party knows what the other one wants, so there is no place for pointless courting, circumlocution or lies.

The reasons why one begins to search for a lover are

being emotionally neglected, having not enough sex and suffering from weak bonding to their partner.

In the case of women, the first one dominates while in the case of men, the second one.

There are, of course, warning signs like changing all the passwords, taking part on programs where the partner is not invited, becoming angry if the partner asks about what he/she did during the time they were not at home etc.

Finally, most of those who filled the survey expect sex and freedom from their lovers. 


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