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Swimmer Katinka Hosszu has had enough

Swimmer Katinka Hosszu has had enough

According to, the World and European Champion swimmer criticized the performance and attitude of the Hungarian Swimming Association (MUSZ).

The athlete of Vasas complained at her press conference on Tuesday. She told the she asked the organization in August, after the successful World Championship in Kazan, to improve the conditions of her preparation in order to sustain her competitive advantage, but nothing was done in the last four months.

The athlete, who was chosen as the female swimmer of the year by the international association, explained that she would like to have a masseur who would travel with her to all the competitions, and that she also asked for a private place, fitness machines and a video analysis program.

Katinka Hosszu pointed out that these would serve not only her preparation, but the rest of the swimmers as well. As she said, she currently changes clothes at the bank of the swimming pool and she has to go to a public gym to work out.


The 26-year-old athlete said that they have a primary rule with her husband Shane Tusup, who is her coach as well. The rule is to never being satisfied with the current situation, so they always asked the questions of what they did not do well enough, what they did well but could be done better, or how they should improve.

The swimmer told that the last drop was when MUSZ promised to fulfill her requests in exchange for having her name and face to promote the 2017 World Championship, while they previously promised the extra support for “those who produce results in a global competition”.

According to Hosszu, who is five-time World Champion and nine-time European Champion in normal pool, she realized what the other swimmers can feel, who are in worse position than she is, wrote.

She said it was not about the money: she could afford to pay for the things she need. But then “what is the swimming association for?”

Katinka Hosszu added: the association expects world-class results, however, they do not provide world-class backgrounds. She thinks “the leaders are satisfied with the current situation of Hungarian swimming and they do not think of what would be necessary to move forward.”

She said: she is aware of her exposing herself to possible attacks, but she still has to speak because it is time to stand up for herself and the other swimmers.

On behalf of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB), marketing and communication manager Erik Siklos said that MOB will examine the situation and try to find a solution together with MUSZ. He promised that to Katinka Hosszu.

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