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Budapest (MTI) – Recent remarks by Michael Roth “have little to do with reality”, Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said after the German minister of state for foreign affairs urged the European Union to uphold the rule of law in Hungary in connection with migrants.

Earlier on Tuesday, Roth also urged Europe to not to become divided after last weekend’s terrorist attacks in Paris. The fights against terrorism should not be mixed up with the migration crisis, “not even in Hungary’s case,” he said.

In reaction to the German minister’s remarks, Szijjarto said that “Hungary is a constitutional state and will enforce Europe’s common regulations even if other states do not” with special regard to protecting its own borders and the EU’s external borders.

“We are not saying that all immigrants are terrorists,” Szijjarto said. “But we do say that nobody can tell how many terrorists have come to Europe among the migrants and how many continue to arrive day by day,” Szijjarto said.

“It is high time we focused on reality rather than on vague ideas, because Europe’s people must be protected,” Szijjarto insisted.

He also said that those fleeing a war-stricken country should be ensured proper conditions close to their homelands so that they can return once peace is restored. “Our task is not to give these people new, European lives but to help them regain their old ones,” Szijjarto added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. I am NOT an expert on Germany or its foreign affairs but may I suggest that the recent comments by Herr Roth could have resulted from over-indulgence at the Oktober Fest celebrations in Munich …

    Oh, I forgot that Ms. Merkel’s recent ‘guests’ to Munich (and Germany) would NOT be happy with those celebrations (certainly NOT eating of PORK, yet alone drinking of good old-fashioned German beer !!).

    Never mind, give the Muslim ‘migrants’ time and German culture will be changed forever !!

    Thank you Peter Szijjarto for informing Herr Roth that he has been spewing forth Bulle Scheiße …

  2. I m not an expert on the German government either…are they all retarded?

  3. Merkel’s puppet should worry about Germany’s infractions and not upholding the Dublin or Schengen agreements. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  4. There has got to be a ‘translation’ problem here, with Austria and Germany at the Government language level. It’s all starts with Hungary’s building of the fence, and now Austria’s minister, “OH, but our’s has little gates, and we don’t use barb wire. Then Germany’s minister, OH, Let them ALL in, we’ll figure things out later after the few hundred terrorists within have finished raping and pillaging Germany .

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