Shocking! Hungary leads the list of the countries obligated to pay back the most EU money

In the last five years, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) suggested a punishment in Hungary 10 times...

Hungary’s corruption rate and inequality is very severe compared to EU statistics

The Hungarian economy is growing, and it is doing it quite nicely, but the benefits this bestows upon...

Court rules in fraud case in line with OLAF recommendation

Acting on the recommendation of the

Fidesz MEP blames previous governments for OLAF findings

Graft under the previous, Socialist and Liberal governments, has "largely contributed" to findings in...

Corruption in Hungary: Bribery charges raised against four in Alstom case

Public investigation prosecutors have raised charges against four men, including a senior Alstom official, for bribery in a case involving a...

Slovak media writes about the dubious expansion of PM Orbán’s son-in-law in Slovakia

The Slovak Spectator

Hungarian government: Common border protection must be supported

At Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office press conference in Budapest – rendering an account of the proceedings of the Wednesday...

Chief prosecutor: Hungary ‘exemplary’ in protecting EU’s financial interests

Hungary's criminal justice system has been "exemplary" in adopting the necessary

Hungary second-most probed country by EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF!

Hungary, along with Poland was the second-most investigated country by the

Hungarian FM: The upcoming LIBE report is the basic document of a conceptual trial

“The special report on Hungary being drawn up by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE)...