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In the last five years, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) suggested a punishment in Hungary 10 times more than the EU average because of stealing the EU allocations.

According to hvg, in 2019, OLAF ended five procedures based on their relevant report issued recently. The institution examines the use of the EU allocations. If they experience any irregularities, they suggest repayment to the European Commission and an investigation to the national authorities. In the case of Hungary, OLAF examined 5 issues and suggested punishment in two of them.

Interestingly, Romanians lead the relevant list where OLAF found 11 cases of irregular use of the EU allocations. Of course, not all the irregularities mean fraudulent utilisation of the money, but in the case of Hungary, both numbers are high. OLAF

suggested the repayment of 3.93 pc of the money Hungary received between 2015-2019 from the European structural and investment funds.

This means that the winner has to pay back the money they won, but the beneficiary country can redistribute it.

With this rate, Hungary towers above all EU member states since the second state on it is Slovakia with only 0.53 pc. Meanwhile, the EU average in this respect is only 0.36 pc. Furthermore,

this rate has increased recently since, in 2018, it was only 3.84 pc.

Moreover, Hungary has the most audits that ended with a repayment suggestion (43), while Romanians are the second with 40. Meanwhile, the total number in the EU is only 235.

Slovakian organisations had to pay back the highest rate of the money they won: 21.03 pc. This rate is only 1.41 in Hungary. The total sum in this respect in the EU is EUR 485 million. Interestingly, the Hungarian public prosecutor pressed charges in only 47 pc of the cases OLAF suggested. 


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  1. The EU is nothing more than a fraud organisation. With the help of Mr. Schwartz György (George Soros) they attack any country that does not walk in the right direction. Don’t pay back the money, Just ask OLAF about the result of the many decennias of fraud with financial information of other memberstates.. No country has replied to the remarks of OLAF about the correctness of their financial situation. And OLAF has the obligation to contribute to the fence that Hungary has build to keep the ‘fugitives’ outside their country and thus keeping other European countries free of the problems.

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