Sunday shop closures


Will Sunday shop closures be reintroduced in Hungary?

⚠️ Here is when the initiative of #shop #closures on Sunday can come into effect in #Hungary 🇭🇺 ⛔ #dailynewshungary

Christian Democrats call for reintroducing Sunday shopping ban

Budapest, August 19 (MTI) – Zsolt Semjén, deputy prime minister and head of the co-ruling Christian Democrats, has called for reintroducing and extending Hungary’s shopping ban […]

Ruling Fidesz denies plans to reintroduce Sunday shopping restriction

Budapest, August 10 (MTI) – Ruling Fidesz will submit a proposal on Sunday shopping regulations in the autumn but contrary to opposition Socialist claims it will […]

Retail turnover rebounds after Sunday shopping restrictions lifted

Budapest, August 3 (MTI) – Large retailers have recovered from the drop in revenue caused by Sunday shopping restrictions, the daily Magyar Nemzet said on Wednesday. […]

Socialists abandon signature drive for Sunday shopping referendum

Budapest, May 19 (MTI) – The Socialist Party has stopped collecting supporting signatures for a referendum on scrapping the already-repealed law on Sunday shopping restrictions, lawmaker […]

Socialists want parliament to guarantee no change in Sunday shopping rules

Budapest, April 18 (MTI) – Hungary’s parliament should provide guarantees that it would not make substantive changes to rules governing retail activitives on Sunday for three […]