Budapest, February 22 (MTI) – The opposition Socialists will once again attempt to submit to the National Election Committee (NVB) a question for a referendum on restricted Sunday shopping, the party’s deputy leader said on Monday.

The supreme court Kuria will decide on Tuesday whether to pass another referendum question about the same topic which was submitted last year in order to prevent the Socialists from submitting their question, Zoltán Lukács told a press conference. According to the Socialists, the question is “completely unintelligible” and was “submitted only to stall the issue”, Lukács added. It would be surprising if the Kuria passed the “incorrect question” and once it is void, a new question can be submitted, he said.

The question approved by the NVB last year was submitted by Gabriella Simon Gercsenyi as a private individual and is the following: “Do you agree that retail shops should be allowed to stay closed on Sundays?”

Earlier the Kuria upheld a decision by the NVB to reject referendum questions on the same subject. The opposition Socialist Party submitted referendum questions several times to the NVB, in an effort to lift the restrictions on Sunday shopping. Their questions were rejected on procedural grounds.


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