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Pandemic could push 72 million more children into “learning poverty”

School closures as a result of #COVID-19 have left most #students on the planet out of #school ???

World Bank projects global economy to shrink by 5.2 pct in 2020

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"The pandemic has laid bare the weaknesses of national health care and social safety nets in many countries," @WorldBank @IMFNews @WorldBankLive

Hungary jumps ahead in World Bank Paying Taxes ranking

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Ease of paying #taxes: Hungary moved forward from 86th place to 56th #dailynewshungary

Hungary moves up to 52nd in World Bank ease of doing business ranking

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"Authorities could benefit from the experience of #Hungary where employers have the freedom to use fixed-term contracts of up to five years for tasks of a permanent nature" #economy #statistics

Finance Minister presses World Bank to focus on problems that spur migration

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"The World Bank, which has made it its mission to overcome global poverty, could play a decisive role in the development of countries affected by #migration" #Hungary #WB

A Hungarian impostor impersonated vice president of World Bank

He wrote a #letter in #Hungarian (!) to the #President of the #WorldBank asking for EUR 1 million - everybody believed him in the #village. #Hungary #impostor #money #fraud #Pest #blikk