Budapest (MTI) – The Budapest chapter of the ruling Fidesz party welcomes the government’s readiness to build a new hospital in the city and would initiate the broadest possible consultations on the project.

District mayors and other health-care officials have debated the issue over the past weeks and there are many different opinions to consider, a statement from the group said on Wednesday, following a meeting of the party’s officials.

Talks will follow in the coming weeks with the inclusion of Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos, the Hungarian Hospital Association, the Hungarian Doctors’ Chamber, the health-care state secretariat and the Association of Budapest Local Councils, among other officials, the statement said.

Mayors of Budapest’s district 2 and 4 have already made bids for having the hospital built in their district. Balazs Bus, the mayor of district 3, on the other hand has argued that instead of a new hospital, existing ones should be overhauled.

Cabinet chief Janos Lazar on Thursday called for the launch of consultations on a new hospital planned to be built in Budapest.


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