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Just yesterday a team of paramedics was rushing an unconscious man to the hospital in Budapest, when a taxi driver became cross with them and started honking at the ambulance car, followed by a storm of swearwords and shouting.

The National Ambulance service informed their followers on Facebook that a taxi driver made it trough and saved an unconscious man’s life. The ambulance car had to stop in the bus lane, but the driver had none of this: he started shouting swear words and honking at them in a distracting and extremely impolite manner.

The following is the translated version of the Facebook post.

“You better post this on Facebook as well…!

One of the ambulance cars was transporting an unconscious man to the hospital, whilst trying to make it there as fast as it is possible in the busy downtown of Budapest. Even though the numerous cars gave way to the ambulance at a red light,

the ambulance car had to stop suddenly as soon as it crossed the light.

The condition of the patient has changed. The paramedics had to stabilise his breathing, that’s why the ambulance car stopped. At the same time, a taxi changed to the same lane. It is probable that the driver did not know what was taking place inside the ambulance car, as he started frantically honking and yelling at them, demanding answers as to

‘why did you have to stop at the bus lane?! Is this why you were in such a rush? Why the h*ll won’t you stop at a parking lot? You better post this on Facebook as well, not just the usual please let the ambulance cars pass

We would like to thank the man around 50 for the idea. Our colleagues could not respond to this ordeal because there was no time for such things. Thankfully, despite the constant honking and the shouting, they managed to save the patient’s life and transported him to the hospital successfully.

We wish a quick recovery to our patient, and congratulate our colleagues thus’

Source: Facebook – Országos Mentőszolgálat

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