Budapest, February 25 (MTI) – National school manager Klik will be headed by Annamaria Pölöskei from March 1 on, the human resources ministry announced on Thursday.

klikPölöskei will replace József Hanesz in the post.

As a ministerial commissioner, the new Klik chief will also participate in the reform of Klik, the ministry said in a statement.

According to the statement, Zoltán Jenei, chancellor of Pecs university, will be in charge of resolving Klik’s financial and organisational problems and building a new structure.

The two new officials will be tasked to ensure stable fiscal operations and make preparations for changing Klik’s structure, the statement said. The reformed organisation will “focus on the interests of students and build on increased independence and increased responsibility of headmasters”, the document added.

In future, “decisions impacting schools shall be made locally”, ensuring optimum utilisation of the system’s potential and reducing discrepancies, the statement said.

Klik’s new organisation will be expected to ensure the necessary resources for school operations, and reduce internal bureaucracy to “free teachers and headmasters of unnecessary burdens”, the ministry added.

In its statement, the ministry also pledged a “stable budget” to ensure smooth operations for Klik.

On Tuesday, education state secretary László Palkovics said the government would cover in full Klik’s current deficit of 17 billion forints (EUR 55m).


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