Budapest, February 16 (MTI) – Some 45 civil organisations and trade unions on Tuesday set up a Civic Public Education Platform to discuss ways to develop education and provide support for its initiatives.

Education scientist Péter Radó, who chaired the foundation meeting, said the Platform was “not an alternative (public education) roundtable”, which was recently set up by the government.

Teachers set up joint platform

Radó called for support for the Tanítanék (I want to teach) teacher’s movement and the strike committee of teachers’ trade unions, adding that aggrieved teachers should come up with joint set of demands.

On Saturday thousands of teachers disillusioned with the government’s public education reform protested in front of Parliament and warned they would strike unless their demands are met.

Previously, the government held consultations in the public education roundtable, but PSZ, one of the two largest teacher trade unions, boycotted the meeting. After the first session PDSZ, the other union, also pulled out of the talks.

Teachers set up joint platform-2

Photo: MTI


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