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According to the police, ten thousand cyclists took part in I Bike Budapest which was organised to emphasise the fact that bicycle roads and zones in Hungary need urgent change, and new ones need to be built by 2024. Despite the rain, many people rode their bicycles across the capital yesterday.

The Hungarian Cycling Club released twelve plus one points for Budapest’s future mayor, listing every necessary investment to make cycling in the capital and in the country better and to make cycling an available opportunity for those who do not ride a bike every day or even often – reports Szeretlek Magyarország. Before I Bike Budapest set off, István Tarlós (mayor of Budapest), Gergely Karácsony (politician) and Róbert Puzsér (critic) gave positive feedback about the points. Moreover, this is the first time when a number of political parties support cyclists’ demands independently.

Participants arrived from every part of the capital and its agglomeration and even from Bratislava to show that Budapest could be an excellent city for cycling.

bike, Budapest, I Bike Budapest
Photo: MTI / Márton Mónus

Due to traffic regulations in Budapest, participants cycled through the capital reaching the main points and sights of the city. Cyclists with family and children could cycle a shorter way, and at some points of the route, musicians awaited everyone. I Bike set off from Margaret Island towards Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle Tunnel, Andrássy Road and the City Park where participants held up their bicycles for a minute.


Budapest, I Bike Budapest

The 12+1 points are the following:

  1. Better connection between the city centre and the outskirts of Budapest.
  2. Building bicycle routes and zones on Üllői Road, Baross Street, South-Pest, Kőbánya, Kerepesi Road, Jászberényi Road, and Gyáli Road.
  3. Modernising the bicycle route to Hűvösvölgy.
  4. Improving Eurovelo 6 (bicycle route on the right side of the Danube) to the quality of western Europe’s.
  5. Bicycle route on the left side of the Danube.
  6. Bicycle route on Chain Bridge and József Attila Street.
  7. Bicycle route on both sides of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road.
  8. Bicycle route from Váci Street; between Duna Mall and Nyugati Square.
  9. Setting up more 30 km/h zones and slowing down traffic.
  10. Reconstructing Petőfi Bridge with a bicycle route.
  11. Combining the bicycle routes on Bartók Béla Road.
  12. Additional bicycle parking spots at every point in Budapest.

Other important points are the more efficient reconstruction of bicycle routes and informing cyclists about traffic problems, educating cycling and emphasising the benefits of it, more modern Bubi bicycles in Budapest, and a safer Rákóczi Road and Grand Boulevard.

Video below!

New bicycle route map of Budapest – Hop on your bikes!

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