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Budapest, April 26 (MTI) – Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs requested EU funding mostly for expansion and development in the funding period from 2014 to 2020, the daily Világgazdaság said on Wednesday.

Fully 64.7 billion forints (EUR 207m) was requested for capacity upgrades in 2,700 tenders, 39 billion forints (EUR 124.8m) of which have already been awarded, the paper said. Of the 170 billion forints requested for development of prototypes, products, technologies and services, however, only 2.6 billion forints have been approved so far.

Over 20,000 requests for a total of 8,476 billion forints (EUR 27.1bn) of funding were submitted by municipalities or companies, the paper said. The authorities approved 4,340 billion forints, 1,859 billion forints of which has already been paid out.

Internship programmes are also popular, the paper said, with 1,800 requests submitted so far, totalling 13.4 billion forints of funding. Altogether 6 billion forints has already been awarded.

Source: MTI/Világgazdaság

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