The career and inventions of Nikola Tesla with works by international and Hungarian artists will be in focus at an exhibition opening in Budapest on May 31, the organisers said on Friday.

The exhibition entitled “Tesla – Mind from the Future” will show a multimedia installation with contemporary artists Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic and Terry Gilliam telling about the influence Tesla’s genius mind had on their art.

The show reflects on Tesla’s visit to Budapest at a young age in 1881. “Budapest made tremendous impact on Tesla. There he met his lifelong friend and assistant Antal Szigeti, who continuously supported him in his researches,” according to the exhibition’s website.

Tesla here worked for inventor and telephone pioneer Tivadar Puskás at his telegraph company, the Budapest Telephone Exchange. They became friends and Puskás helped him get a job at the Continental Edison Company in Paris.

The exhibition will run in Tesla Loft in Kazinczy Street until Sept 1.

Source: MTI

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