Soon, tropical drinks from Thailand, such as a 100% coconut drink, are planned to be introduced in Hungarian shops, along with other tropical drink options good for health – reports. This new Thai-Hungarian agreement from the food industry could not have taken place without the help of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC).

The fruitful agreement between a Thai factory and a Hungarian distributor is yet another international connection made possible by HTCC. As a result, Hungarian customers will be able to buy delicious Thai drinks starting from December this year, including flavours like coconut, lichi and aloe vera. These taste not only good but also have many other beneficial qualities.

Representing the Hungarian distributor, PonLamaiTrade Ltd., It was Ágnes Storcz managing director who signed the agreement in the Kingdom of Thailand, at the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of International Trade Development. Thanks to HTCC’s contribution, she also managed to consult with the head of the Thai government, Mrs Prapa Vijaykadga. The Minister-Counsellor of Commercial Affairs expressed how important and joyous this agreement is.

There is finally a direct contact between the Thai and Hungarian partners, as opposed to the past, when Thai products mostly reached Hungary through various EU countries.

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Ágnes Storcz, Sándor Urai, Prapa Vijaykadga and commercial advisor of HTCC

Quoting Ágnes Storcz, managing director of PonLamaiTrade Ltd.:

“we are extremely happy and content that the contract could be signed so quickly. We first got into contact with HTCC in August and, thanks to two months of intense negotiations, we were able to sign the contract and make the first order in the past few days.

The first shipment is going to arrive in December, with 6 types of drinks to start with.

The supply of about 37 thousand bottles worth of drinks will include the 100% neutral coconut drink, a limited edition flavoured coconut drink, roasted coconut drink, coconut milk, lichi and apple-flavoured aloe vera. The help we received from HTCC was extremely professional and surpassed all our expectations, for which we are truly grateful.”

Sándor Urai, the director of HTCC’s Thailand office, revealed that “this contract is an excellent example of a steadily developing agreement that involves several nations. The drinks called ‘if’, that will soon be available in Hungary, are produced in Thailand, using the highest quality French and Swedish food industry technologies. These involve a so-called aseptic cold filling procedure that makes adding preservatives and flavour enhancers unnecessary.

Depending on the type of drink and the bottling process, the drinks can be kept for up to 12-24 months.

Another advantage of this technology, as opposed to the traditional thermoselect process, is that it does not cause severe loss of flavour. The end product is much more flavourful than with any other technologies. Moreover, these coconut-flavoured drinks do not contain any lactose, gluten or soya, so they are available even for those who have some kind of allergies.”

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