There are quite a lot of lakes in the country that are perfect for fishing, bathing, and even for water sports activities, but some of them are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and historical heritage sites that makes the whole picture much more complex and appealing. collected the 12 less known, yet scenic Hungarian lakes.

Tarn of Megyer Mountain

Tarn of Megyer Mountain, located near the town of Sárospatak, is a popular tourist destination. Although visitors are neither allowed to bath or to boat in the pond, the scenic landscape that surrounds the small lake makes it a tourist destination worth visiting.
The lake was formed in an abandoned stone mine which was closed in 1907. The mine had been operating since the 15th century. Next to the lake, which has a maximum depth of 6.5 metres, accommodation for miners carved into the rock can be seen. The tarn can be reached from the centre of Sárospatak by following the red tourist route.

Lak-Valley Lake

Lak- Valley Lake, located in the town of Bélapátfalva, is a real leisure-time paradise. The meadows surrounding the pond are suitable for sports activities and for having a camping, furthermore, there are also appointed places where you can set fire. Angling and mountain biking are also perfect choices if you decide to take a few days off and visit this amazing natural wonder.

Lake Vadása

Lake Vadása is located near Hegyhátszentjakab. The lake is excellent for angling and its water is perfect for bathing. For those who wish to explore the surrounding areas of the lake, the tourist routes provide them with the opportunity to have an exciting tour around the lake. Guest houses and the camp site offer a pleasant stay even for a longer period.


Sóstó is a popular holiday resort, located only 6 km far from Nyíregyháza. If you want to refresh yourself in a beautiful, peaceful place, it is a perfect destination. After refreshing yourself in the lake, you should take a walk in the centre of Nyíregyháza.
A new spa complex was built in an area of 1.7 acre within the framework of tourism developing program of Széchenyi plan. The spa provides health-caring and wellness services built upon thermal water and natural therapy.
If you like peaceful places, Sóstó, with its bathing facilities, museums, natural wonders, and zoo is a perfect place to let off steam.

Lake Palatinus

Lake Palatinus, located 40 km far from Budapest in Esztergom, is one of the clearest lakes in Hungary. Sports equipment, water bicycles, kayak rental, snack bar, children’s toys, beach volleyball courts, diving centre, windsurfing and sailing opportunities are all offered for visitors who decide to go for a trip to Lake Palatinus.


Orfû is one of the most attractive tourist spots of the Mecsek mountain range, with a series of lakes for bathing, boating, and angling, surrounded by picturesque hills. Located only15 km far from Pécs, tourists can enjoy the aquatic experiences that these lakes provide. Every year many people visit this romantic place for a short or longer stay.
Apart from aquatic programmes, the area is also famous for organising cultural and gastronomical festivals worth taking part in.

Lake Deseda

The lake was created in 1975 by damming an 8 km section of the stream, called Deseda, in the valley. The lake and its surroundings have since become a popular hiking and recreation area, which provides an excellent place for angling and gardening.
The protected area comprises four different habitat types: forests, marshlands, water habitats, and farmlands. The surface of the water, especially in fall, proves to be a favoured resting place of migrating water-fowl.
The lake and its vicinity also provides countless opportunities for those who wish to enjoy sports in clean, fresh air. One can take a walk or go jogging, or can ride a bike or a horse around the lake. The longest bike route is 22.6 km.
Visitors from greater distance can find accommodation in the nearby campsite, or they can rent a room in the boathouse. Lake Deseda and its vicinity is a locally protected area not only guarding plants and animal species, but is also excellent for many people longing for recreation, relaxation, and admiring nature.


About 3 km north-west of Mátrafüred, Sástó is little more than a reedy lake and an ever-extending recreation and camping complex, as this is the highest located lake in the country. A 54 metres high lookout tower can be observed from the distance. Near the lake, a camp site, a wellness centre, and restaurants can be found.

Lake Öreg

Lake Öreg, which is the oldest pond in Hungary, is situated in the middle of the town of Tata. Adjoining the south-east quarter of the lake is a wooded area. On the lake’s shores lie the Tata Castle and the Eszterházy Palace, as well as the English Park, which is the first English-style park of Hungary and the single historical garden of the country to date. Almost one half of the 70 hectares large park established by the Eszterházy-family in 1782, is today the training range of the Hungarian Olympic Team. This range is a restricted area, however the other half of the park is opened to the public.

Lakes of Szajk

If you feel that you have enough of the everyday life, or just simply wish to have peace and relaxation, visit the lakes at Szajk with your family or friends so that you can spend your free time in one of the most peaceful regions of Vas County. There are appointed places for different activities such as angling, bathing, or boating. Moreover, a bicycle rout can be found around the lake, as well as several guest houses and restaurants for those who want to spend a longer period in this peaceful spot.

Lake Felsõtárkány

Felsõtárkány is a Palóc settlement on the north-eastern boundary of Heves County, located only 6 km from Eger. Ninety per cent of Felsõtárkány’s outer area is covered with woods. Most of it is part of the Bükk’s National Park.
The ambience of the lake is a picturesque and popular place. The outdoor stage available here is a perfect place for cultural programmes during summer. Spending a pleasant time is granted in both organized and individual ways in the village. Excursion tourism, mountain biking, or even horse riding is offered to visitors.
The Felsõtárkány Forest Railway is also worth mentioning. Trains carry passengers – who want to take a trip or relax – on weekends and holidays, but the train service is also available on other days on request.

Lake Fehér

Lake Fehér is a part of Kiskunság National Park, and it is situated north of the town of Szeged. It covers an area of 14 square kilometres. Lake Fehér is Hungary’s largest saltwater lake. It is carefully protected because it is home to 280 bird spieces and because of its ancient flora. The area is an important stop in the migration of European birds, and serves as a resting and feeding place for them.
It is named Fehér (white), because of its colour from the colloidal lime salts and a greyish-white carbonic lime silt accumulates on the lakebed.

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