According to, the Hungarian men’s water polo team won the gold medal at the closing day of the Univesiade in Gwangju, South Korea on Tuesday, said.

The defending champion team of Balazs Vincze won against the Italians with five meter penalties in the finale, so that the Hungarians had a four-goal disadvantage at the end of the second quarter and a three-goal disadvantage at halftime big break.

The first place’s fate had been decided in the eighth pair yet, then, after the fail of the Italians, Tamas Sedlmayer scored.

Vincze therefore assessed to VLV: “I’m very happy, it was terribly difficult, our situation was quite hopeless at 0:4. It was obvious that we have to strengthen the defense, and we have no chance without improved attacking play. Then it worked fine, our shots finally were full of energy and we could knock out them. The endgame was very good, in the last quarter, I think we got five or six man disadvantage and only one advantage, which we could shoot after the timeout, and we could hardly keep up the tie as well. Almost we could close the match in regular time, but it still was nice”.

Tamas Sedlmayer failed in the first round, but he didn’t in the second one, at the most important moment. He recalled:

“When the round restarted, David Bisztritsanyi saved the Italian’s five-meter, I knew I would score. I stood there calmly. I’ve decided. I leaned to left and shot to the left hand of the goalkeeper, it succeeded. It was a europhoric feeling, I cannot describe what happened to me afterward. As my brain, heart and my whole body would have blown up at once. I looked at the others, they were throwing Balazs Vincze into the water. First, Marci Halek came up to me, we hugged each other so much that we almost pushed out the tar out of each other”.

The Hungarian delegation closed the Universiade with two gold and three bronze medals. The first gold was won by the rowing duo of Bela Simon and Adrian Juhasz, which won in the field of the normal-weight without helmsman.

There was an additional bronze in rowing, won by Bence Tamas. And two in fencing: Ferenc Valkai in saber and Daniel Berta in small-sword.

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