There is nothing better than drinking a hot cup of tea on a cold, foggy day. collected the 7 best teahouses in Budapest where it is the best to sit back and enjoy a great tea in a cozy environment.

Fortunately, there are several fantastic places in the capital where it is much easier to survive the cold winter days. Of course, mulled wine is the absolute favourite in Christmas fairs, but we should not forget the great cups of tea either, as the tradition of the long-existing tea consumption is not only beneficial for the health, but mentally, as well. Herbal teas, black, white, green and fruit teas serve the recreation of mankind for quite a long time.

Let’s check out the best teahouses in Budapest that can warm you up and provide a great venue for recreation and friendly chats.

1. Red Lion Teahouse (Vörös Oroszlán Teaház) – VI district, 8 Jókai Square

The teahouse was named after the novel of Mária Szepes appearing under the same title. The entrance of the teahouse is only possible through the tea shop.

Here, a spacious area welcomes the visitors, who can sit down anywhere at café tables that are separated by curtains from one another, thus giving the feeling of privacy.

Furthermore, beanbags also serve the comfort of the customers. These furniture wheres are great to sit back on, and choose from the variable offer.


2. Sirius Teahouse – VIII district, 13 Sándor Bródy Street

Visitors have to go to the cellar to reach the world of Narnia and the country of cats, that is, to enter the world of the Sirius Teahouse. The multistorey restaurant with a unique atmosphere is a place where it is good to get lost. The different parts and coins of the teahouse give us the impression that we can retreat a little bit and relax by sitting on the beanbags and sipping a great cup of tea.


3. Mozaik Teahouse and Café – VI district, 18 Király Street

The ambiance of this place is absolutely fascinating. There are so many things around that it makes the head spinning, in a good sense. A particularly nice thing is that, if the customer feels like playing a board game, there is a lot of space and there are a lot of games to choose from. It gives us the impression that we are no longer in the bustling capital city, but lost in a dreamlike world.

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4. Podma Café – VI district, 14 Podmaniczky Street

Only within a small walking distance from the Nyugati Railway Station, Podma Café is the perfect venue for sipping a cup of tea, be it before or after a journey. Although its name does not reveal it, in fact, this is a great café as well, with an appealing interior decoration and a wide range of tea and café specialities.

Furthermore, this is a must place for the lovers of tea, where high-quality tea and tea-related products can be purchased. 


5. Flying Bird Teahouse – VII district, 10 Nyár Street

For quite a long time, the services of the Flying Bird Teahouse could be enjoyed in Kazinczy Street, but this September, the teahouse moved into Nyár Street. This is also in the center, where everything is within easy reach, and the place itself still sticks to its principles, like always. It offers quality tea and the specialities of the Far East.

Furthermore, those who want to know about the preparation, the serving and the etiquette of tea consumption, are at the right place, because the Flying Bird Teahouse offers all of these.


6. Altair Teahouse – VIII district, on the corner of Puskin Street and Sándor Bródy Street

From Puskin Street, we can hop into the smaller brother of the Sirius Teahouse. But what does the name stand for? It means flying eagle, and has to do something with the fantastic cups of tea offered here. Its cozy spaces and the Asian tea specialities, from the yellow tea to the one with dragon fruit flavour, will make any customer totally amazed and feel like being in a different world.

facebook/Altair Teaház

7. Green Turtle’s Cave Teahouse (Zöld Teknős Barlangja) – VI district, 14 Jókai Street

The totem pole standing on the corner of Jókai and Dessewffy Streets shows the entrance of the Green Turtle’s Cave where, apart from tables, 15 special, separated spaces can serve as the perfect venue for meetings of 2-12 person. Besides the wide variety of unique cafés and teas served here, the visitor can also choose from various gifts connected to numerous tea cultures.


No matter which teahouse you choose in the cold winter, it is guaranteed that you would not be disappointed 🙂

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