reports that the Belgian police captured and identified a young man, who arrived to Belgium from Syria last autumn, and then helped the Parisian suicide bomber to prepare the attack.

According to the authorities, the 24 years old Najim Laachraoui joined ISIS in 2013 in Syria, and taking advantage of the migration wave he returned to Belgium illegally, crossing Hungary on his way.

Based on the Advocate General’s announcement the suspect was one of the passengers of Salah Abdeslam, captured on Friday, and crossed the Austrian-Hungarian border on 9 September last year; they were asked to identify themselves, but the passengers had fake papers.

Based on the results of the DNA tests, Najim Laachraoui, alias Soufiane Kayal, rented his house in Auvelais using fake papers; the police later searched the premises, suspecting that the bombs were made there. According to a source who is familiar with the investigation, the man’s DNA could be found on the remains of the bombs used in Paris.

The same man’s DNA was also found in Brussels’ Schaerbeek District in a rented apartment, where the explosive belts for the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks were made.

During a second house-search in Brussels, police shot another former passenger who crossed Hungary on 9 September. Samir Bouzid (35), alias Mohamed Belkaid, was killed in the Forest District.

Detectives presume that Laachraoui and Belkaid, who were in Belgium at the time, were the recipients of the SMS sent by the suicide bombers right before the attacks.

According to several news sources, Salah Abdeslam, one of the suspected organizers of the 13 November Paris suicide bombings, traveled to Hungary twice. On 9th September he parked his car at the Keleti Railway station, stayed for 45 minutes, and went back to Belgium.

He returned on 17 September through Germany and Austria, waited two hours at the Keleti Railway Station, when thousands of Syrian migrants arrived.

It is suspected that during this time Abdelhamid Abaoud – the other main organizer of the bombings – boasted about getting secretly back to Europe with the migrant wave to his niece.

The Belgian RTL noted on its webpage on 2 December, 2015 that Abdeslam met two Syrian men in Hungary, and they later blew themselves up during the bombings.

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