Hungary, the Hungarian government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are regarded with respect, appreciation and support in the White House, the foreign minister said in a Facebook entry on Tuesday evening, after a ceremony.

Péter Szijjártó was the only EU foreign minister to attend there the signing of Israel’s agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on normalising diplomatic ties, a document he earlier called “historic”.

He said that two agreements were signed that could open “a whole new chapter” in history, replacing war and terrorism with peace. Szijjártó called this all the more important because security in the Middle East has an impact on Europe’s security.

The accord brokered by US President Donald Trump would mandate a Nobel Peace Prize to be granted to him,

Szijjártó said.

During his visit, the Hungarian foreign minister held talks with National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Szijjártó said that Hungarian-US relations are at their peak. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump both speak clearly and honestly about their own vision and neither of them can be blamed of hypocrisy, he said, adding that this created the basis for their excellent cooperation. In addition, they both take a firm stand against illegal migration, think similarly about protecting Christian communities and supporting families, and agree on world policy issues.

Szijjártó also signed an agreement between the Hungarian government and the largest privately held space research company listed on the stock exchange.

Concerning energy issues, Szijjártó said

Hungary’s recently concluded long-term gas purchase agreement with Shell won general acclaim in Washington.

The foreign minister met David B. Cornstein, the outgoing ambassador of the United States to Hungary, who is returning to his home country in November, details HERE.

As regards Hungary’s next ambassador to Washington, Szijjártó said that he had proposed for the post Szabolcs Takács.

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Source: MTI

  1. ” shiny, shiny, shiny boots of trump’s… ”
    The Szijjarto Underground.

  2. Trump’s son in law Kirshner is probably the one that did all the work and is probably the one that should get the Nobel

  3. Szijjarto really is a prize (but not a Nobel one). Does he honestly think that the US administration cares two hoots about a tiny little country like Hungary that is no use to them strategically? He really is a case of ‘the emperors news clothes’!

  4. Let us all PRAY that Mario is on the receiving end of those shiny boots.

  5. Let us remember the Oslo accord from September 1993, and how difficult, nearly impoosible, to have it up and running after the years. If someone should be in question for an award of any kind, it must be the parties involved in the Middle East, not a US President. Clinton played a part in 1993, no Peace Prize , same goes for Trump. What experience can we bring from 1993 into the present deal ?

  6. Mario! If there is bad news it’s fine to criticise the government but a peace deal is always good news.

    Any bets that Saudi Arabia signs an agreement with Israel before November?

  7. Bruce, you are right, peace is always good news. But giving that little thing, trump, a Nobel Prize is like offering Putin the Humanitarian of the Year award because he only poisoned a half dozen dissenters this year. These power hungry oligarchs (Xi, trump, Putin, Orban, Erdoğan, Netanyahu…) they sure do make a fine team.

  8. As a Hungarian taxpayer, I demand to know how much this little holiday of Szijjarto’s cost us and whether he declared all those brown envelopes at customs.

  9. Hey, Obama got the “prize” for doing nothing. A black dude becoming a President was great, but hardly worth a “Prize”. But peace, anywhere, at any time, is a wonderful thing.

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