Between July 1 and 3 the Zsolnay Lightfestival in Pécs will line up gladiators, medieval knights, a historical fashion show and 5-metre big dragons, reports The whole downtown will be enlivened by the evening light paintings, and so will be the Basilica.

The past will be evoked at the festival and artists from all over the world will make sure that the audience are having a great time. The peak of the event would come after it gets dark, for then the attendees will be enchanted by the illuminated downtown: the stable and moving masterpieces of light painting, light compositions and installations.

In the evenings of Friday and Saturday those interested can attend Hungary’s first international light art competition, the “Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition on the facade of the Cathedral of Pécs”. Differently from the previous years, this year, for the first time, not only the facade will be projected to, but the towers are also going to provide some surface for the artists, “thus creating a monumental and unique sight”.

The organizers of the festival asked the internationally acknowledged professional Hungarian group of artists, the Kiégő Izzók to be the partners of Zsolnay Light Art. They will help in the carrying out of the competition and they also prepare a special projection (out of the competition) which is specifically created for this event.

The festival’s programme promises to be stunning and definitely memorable, including concerts by numerous stars on the 3000 person-capacity outdoor stage, performances by street theatres and circus productions on the streets resembling the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the locals are also said to be participating in creating the community light compositions.

Moreover, during the festival, at a special 2-for-1 discount, the visitors may buy Örökség jegy (Heritage tickets) at the Infopoints of ZsÖK Nkft., by which they can go on a sightseeing and become acquainted with the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the places of world heritages and the Medieval University in Pécs.

Photo: facebook/zsolnayfenyfesztival

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