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The Best Breakfasts in Budapest

The Best Breakfasts in Budapest made a subjective list about the five best places in Budapest to have a breakfast at.

A good breakfast can make your day, provided that it is made of quality raw materials, and is sufficiently delicious. We show five breakfast spots where you can choose from high-quality and tasty food.


szendzsoThis cozy nook in Frankel Leo Street already has dozens of frequenters. The secret is the simple but fantastically and freshly made breakfasts, and the special service. Scrambled eggs, omelette, sausage, frankfurter and French toast on the one hand; humour, cheerfulness, sprizter and professionalism on the other. A good omelette here is and exceptionally good start of the day. If you do not have anything to during the rest of the day, visit the place in the afternoon and feel free to ask for a sprizter – the boys know how to do it! (More information HERE.)



The charm of Zoska is completely different, it cannot be compared to anything. The artificial turf and the cushions in the windowsill generates a feeling of picnic for your breakfast coffee. You can sit there for hours, study, talk all day long, the girls will be especially happy. Every inch of the place has some surprise, from the animal crackers served with the coffee to the desk made from the great-grandmother’s bed. The girls’ innovative sandwiches are very good, we honestly recommend the pear-cheese variation with some sea-buckthorn syrup, or French toast with coffee for the fans of a classic breakfast.


Fruccola is a pioneer of the ”brunch” movement. Apart from salad, excellent scrambled eggs, omelette and smoked fish are also on offer. One of the best salmon omelets of the city can be found here, this kind of food certainly means a serious start for the day. And the juice! Dozens of fresh fruit and vegetables wait for you to be freshly squeezed. Vitamin bomb and breakfast together!

Cserpes Milk Bar


The essence of success: milk! The love for milk can be felt on every cream cheese, shake and milk bar – the latter emerging at even more places in the city. If you need something apart from cocoa milk with whipped cream, it is definitely worth trying mangalitsa ham sandwich. It looks as if crispy salad is wrapped in ham together with Cserpes cream cheese in almost half of a loaf of bread. The best milk bars of the country are at 4 places in Budapest: Allee, Deák Square, Corvin Quarter and MOM Park. (More information HERE.)

Hadik Café


With more than a hundred years, Hadik Café could tell a lot about the past century. Renowned Hungarian writers, such as Zsigmond Móricz, Dezső Kosztolányi and Jenő Rejtő often turned up here. I got its name in the twenties, from the Hadik army base in the vicinity. A few years ago the café was reopened, and the authentically furnished interior is very cozy. If you wish for a classic, cozy breakfast, Hadik is your place.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai

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