Hot chocolate has several variations: some loves the cocoa evoking their childhood, others accept only subtle differences between hot chocolate and pudding. Although it began its conquest in Mexico 2000 years ago, most of its variants can be found now in Budapest, too, reports. 

Ahoy! Chocolate and Lemonade Bar

For the cold months, Ahoy! changes to chocolate from icy lemonades. You will not be disappointed, the selection is extremely wide: you can choose fromo dark-, milk-, and white chocolate, or you can even ask for a ”light” hot chocolate (with lowered sugar content), once we know that whipped cream comes to the top. We can also ask for marshmallow, red-white candy cane known from American films, or other sweets. What is more, you do not have to forget about a refreshing iced chocolate if you are not into hot drinks. Sometimes it is good to ignore your diet and try the chocolate drinks of Ahoy!.
Price: 850 – 990 HUF
Extras: flavoured chocolate with rum, whiskey or cream liqueur
Milk alternatives: lactose-free
Especially recommended: salted caramel, mint, chili-cinnamon

2 Kockacukor

Although this nice and extremely friendly place is a bit further from the city centre, it is worth taking a walk for the fine and quality offers. Hot chocolate is made from Cserpes milk and half a bar of Belgian chocolate. The result is soft and not too sweet, tastes like real chocolate, does not resemble cocoa for a single moment. It does not get its taste from preservatives or added sugar. Those having a sweet tooth can also order hot chocolate with honey or fructose.
Price: 390 HUF
Extras: chili flakes
Milk alternatives: soy, coconut, lactose-free
Especially recommended: chocolate chili


Chocoroom in Szerb Street definitely benefited from its conceptual change. The old, countless versions of chocolates have been changed to fewer but more imaginative and tasty ones; it is safe to say that the gourmet side of chocolate is targeted. We would willingly go through the selection, it is worth visiting the place several times.
Price: 950 HUF
Extras: violet chocolate, tonka bean blonde chocolate
Milk alternatives: lactose-free
Especially recommended: mango blonde chocolate, popping candy

Centrál Café

The hot chocolate of this legendary café is an ideal experience. Perfect texture and taste – if you are a fan of the super sweet category, you will certainly need some sugar. The basis is the chocolate made in Centrál, and every served mug involves a famous mini macaron, too. This is the most ideal place for drinking alcoholic hot chocolate, so feel free to order some alcohol for your hot drink.
Price: 850 HUF
Extras: coconut-, peanut-, almond-, gingerbread-, and alcoholic versions
Milk alternatives: lactose-free
Especially recommended: classic hot chocolate

Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden is the cutest. You can order dark-, milk-, and white chocolate, the appearance is very special. A ”portion” means three small mugs, so you can even try all the chocolates. If you fell in love with one of them, the experience can be tripled. It is a good program with mothers, grandmothers, and girlfriends as well.
Price: 750 – 790 HUF
Extras: mint, chili
Milk alternatives: lactose-free, soy
Especially recommended: different chocolates in the three mugs

Café Madal

Lovers of special coffee meet at Madal, where hot chocolate is also different from the usual. The mixtures compiled by Tibor Szántó exclude all artificiality, they have clean and natural flavours. Hot chocolate here has definitely a good effect on us – it is hard to explain, but the flavours are so pure that is can only be healthy. And also pretty, because of the latte art.
Price: 690 HUF
Extras: fair trade chocolate
Milk alternatives: lactose-free, soy, rice
Especially recommended: Caribbean chocolate

Goamama Café

Goamama is and exciting place: a lot of people does not even know that in addition to the design shop, there is also a nice café. Apart from cookies and croissants, hot chocolate is popular, too. The drink served here is completely nostalgic, evokes childhood, ignoring the thick texture. It is the best with biscuits.
Price: 690 HUF
Extras: vanilla syrup
Milk alternatives: soy, lactose-free
Especially recommended: a cup of coffee, too

La Mimosa

In this dog friendly cake shop in Újlipótváros, thick hot chocolate (made from Belgian chocolate) is made freshly every day. Creamy and sweet – exactly as it has to be. This thick, body-, and soul warming dessert can also be taken away.
Price: 200 HUF
Extras: thick texture
Especially recommended: dog treats for the pets

Rengeteg RomKafé

Granny’s attic with a collection of teddy bears and 22 kinds of hot chocolate. Weird tastes like smoky onion crisps are also available – perfect for those experimenting or missing the countryside. Basic chocolate is made from Belgian Callebaut, with no added sugar. Spoon is also needed for the drinks. This can be a cute place for a date because of the half-light, and the heavenly, thick chocolates.
Price: 600 – 800 HUF
Extras: 22 flavours, seasonal fruits
Milk alternatives: lactose-free, soy, coconut
Especially recommended: rum-chestnut chocolate

Azték Choxolat!

It can be declared that Azték Choxolat! is completely prepared for winter. In the huge selection of hot chocolates, specialties like fig, strawberry-pepper, or pear can also be found, apart from the classic flavours. Concentrated chocolate flavour, pleasantly creamy texture and whipped cream. Who could ask for more?
Price: 590 – 840 HUF
Extras: 25 flavours, hot shakes
Especially recommended: beetroot-raspberry chocolate, white chocolate with poppy seeds

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