Millions of readers rated Hungarian restaurants on one of the world’s leading travel websites. This year, the list of the 10 best Hungarian restaurants is led by Costes.

Tripadvisor, one of the world’s leading travel sites, has recently reviewed the best restaurants in the world and in particular countries. Accordingly, in 2014, Costes proved to be the best in Hungary, followed by Onyx Restaurant and Borssó Bistro. Borkonyha, having received the Michelin Star this year, is not included in tourists’ 10 favourite places.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Hungary

  1. Costes (Budapest)
  2. Onyx Restaurant (Budapest)
  3. Borssó Bistro (Budapest)
  4. Pampas Steakhouse (Budapest)
  5. Paris Budapest Restaurant & Bar (Budapest)
  6. Café Pierrot Restaurant (Budapest)
  7. Tigris Restaurant (Budapest)
  8. Gundel Restaurant (Budapest)
  9. Klassz (Budapest)
  10. Rézkakas Bistro (Budapest)

At first glance, it might seem surprising that no rural restaurants are included in the top 10. As writes, considering the fact that every year, Budapest generates the highest passenger traffic, it is not surprising that those who use the portal (typically foreign tourists) mostly rated restaurants in the capital city.

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  1. My favourite restaurant was Ket Fenyo restaurant ! I think it was in Taksony! The best food EVER! And super friendly, they do anything for you! LOVE IT!!!!!!

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