The biggest mob vendetta in Hungarian history happened 20 years ago
Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Two decades earlier four kilograms of TNT blew up in a small Polski on Aranykéz Street in Budapest’s downtown. In fact, the explosion claimed four lives and injured at least 25 people. Furthermore, some of them suffered life-threatening injuries. The target was a Hungarian businessman and mob leader, József Boros, who died in the attack.

The police could not defend Boros against his mob enemies

In fact, mafia vendettas were not exceptional in Hungary in the 90s. For example, János Fenyő, a media mogul was executed just months before together with other underworld mobsters. However, the explosion on Aranykéz street was exceptional. This is because, in this case, not only the target but also

many innocent people died.

Apart from Boros his lawyer, a 57 years old goods deliverer and a 24 years old shop assistant.  Moreover, some of the pedestrians and passer-byes suffered life-threatening injuries on the crowded street. Among them, there was a German, two Syrian, one Finnish and a Czech tourist. Fortunately, the detonation did not injure any babies in the nearby baby hotel.

In the following video, you can watch archive recordings of the attack. The video is about how agents of the Counter Terrorism Centre caught Tamás Portik:

In fact, Boros (43) was one of the greatest bosses of the underworld in those days. Moereover, the Hungarian police knew from the beginning that he was the target and

the assassins wanted to kill him no matter the cost.

Even he knew that his life is in danger because he was telling the police information about other mobsters interested, e.g. in the oil business. Though even police officers protected him, they were not able or did not want to defend him.

The Slovak secret service protected the assassins

For the police, it was not a question that Tamás Portik and his circle wanted to kill Boros. Though Portik’s business failed in 1997, he managed to escape, and he was hiding in those days. But Boros was telling information to the police even about him. Furthermore, they also knew that a Slovak group was behind the assassination. They even had information about the two leaders of the group: Jozef Rohác and Josef Hamala. In fact, Rohác was one of the most trusted men of Portik.

However, Rohác and Hamala stood

under the protection of the Slovak secret service (SIS),

They were part of a paramilitary group called the Mečiar-commando. Now we already know about this group that

the Slovak PM entrusted them to commit bomb outrages in Hungary to hinder the country’s EU integration.

Thus, they were untouchable even for the Slovak police which helped their Hungarian colleagues, but could not do anything else.

All ends tied up except one

In fact, Hamala’s body was found in 2016 in a forest near Brno. He was

probably killed by his comrades,

because he was nabbed. The Czech police caught Rohác in 2008 and extradited him to Hungary since SIS no longer protected him. As we reported, the Budapest Court of Appeals

upheld the life sentence for him

last year for his role in the Aranykéz street bombing and the murder of Hungarian media mogul János Fenyő in the same year.

Furthermore, the Hungarian police arrested Tamás Portik in 2012. As we reported, the court expressed that the bombing was carried out by Rohác, but Portik instigated him. Thus, he was

sentenced 13 years in prison.

Thus, according to current knowledge the only question remained is the involvement of the Slovak secret service and government.

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