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Photo:án Balázs

Yesterday, a rainbow-coloured statue in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement was inaugurated in Budapest. According to the plans, it would have stayed in the ninth district of the Hungarian capital for two weeks. However, the statue could not stand there for as long.

It was revealed earlier that a work related to the BLM movement would be exhibited in Budapest. This was opposed by many, including the Our Homeland Movement, who said the statue was “an anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol”. However, the statue had been made, and it was inaugurated yesterday.

It was planned that the rainbow-coloured statue would have been displayed until April 14th. However, in the time since the statue was erected,

the statue was fenced up, then doused with paint, and demolished and smashed on Friday morning.

Péter Szalay, the creator of the statue, said that he did not want to create political propaganda, but the fact that many people reacted this way is very telling. In August 2020, the 9th district of Budapest announced a competition for independent public works. The professional jury selected six works that were to be exhibited at different points in the district. However, only the work of Péter Szalay had such an adventurous journey.

In addition to the Our Homeland Movement, Zsolt Bayer, a Fidesz insider, said earlier that the statue would be demolished immediately after it was erected. Although Bayer had nothing to do with it, members of the Legion Hungaria far-right organisation tore down the statue. A video of the sculpture was also made, which was later deleted. It was added to the video: “Yesterday, it was set up by the left district government, and we demolished it this morning, true to our previous promises. Of course, the police acted immediately, caught Béla Incze, a member of the leadership of our Movement, who demolished the statue.”

The barely one-metre statue was hit by 3 attacks in one day.

According to Péter Szalay, the fate of the statue is also symbolic. The creator reckoned that the statue would not last for a day. He added that there was nothing ideological to say about the work itself. “It’s not a thing that speaks against either side. There’s no claim in it that Black Lives Matter or this is pro-homosexual. And there’s no message that the BLM is bad,” said Szalay.

The statue was previously exhibited in a private gallery, where no one had a problem with the work. “Even yesterday, I thought that the statue would not be harmed. I thought that the citizens of Budapest were mature enough to watch a public statue and not hurt it. Therefore, I am a little disappointed now,” said Krisztina Baranyi, the mayor of the district, to

There are no plans to replace the statue.

However, the owner of a collection from Szombathely has already applied for the broken work, and the statue can probably take a break. At least what is left of it.


  1. Wonderful! Very proud of the Hungarian people! BLM is a Marxist terrorist organization and must not be tolerated in any form. Always fight back! Long lives a free and Christian Hungary!

  2. BLM has been defacing and destroying historical statues unrelated to slavery all across the world.

    Every statue honoring BLM needs to be torn down.

    Yes, they are a self-identified Marxist organization and should be rejected by every freedom loving citizen.

  3. Hungary under Orban is a repressive and dangerous. The Hungarians live in a dictatorship where Orban controls everything. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist. It is like communism but with more economic freedom than existed under communism. It is obvious that Orban’s end game is to make Hungary more like Russia under Putin. The country is nationalistic and not open to much other than white Christianity.

  4. what part of invasion ,do they not understand ,brixton in London is 99% black ,
    southall 99% Indian , thousands of white girls in the north of the uk , raped by Pakistani muslims .
    white christians are a minority , in London ,
    white English lives matter ,but if I say that.
    ,it is hate speech ,and racist ,

  5. If I was the Statue of Liberty and had been painted in such GARISH colours without my prior approval, I would very grateful to be demolished !

    Budapest matters …..

  6. They are too smart to fall for Marxist communism. Only Americans are that stupid since Venezuela

  7. Mario says, “God bless BLM.” Problem is, Mario…BLM is a godless and soulless evil organization that has not done one bit of good for the black communities in the US, where it was created. It has done NOTHING to promote peace or to propel black lives from their supposedly oppressed state. Time to destroy evil in all of its forms, including BLM.

  8. The hatred some self-proclaimed “Christians” feel toward those who think different, and to minorities and non white people, is appalling. That is so much against Jesus’preachings.
    Poor haters,wuth so much emptiness inside, indeed they must live miserable lives.

  9. It was absolutely political and the so-called “artist” has been very well aware of that. It’s ugly, tasteless and promotes discriminative, violent and intolerant radical organization that creates chaos and destruction and doesn’t care for any lives, including black ones

  10. Dear Mario: one question…where is the $90 million dollars?
    Right, didn’t think so.
    To everyone in Hungary: tear down anything BLM related. They are toxic.

  11. Mario says: 03/04/2021 at 16:18 God bless BLM. Black lives matter.

    I’ve got news for you: BLM HATES GOD.

  12. Good for the Hungarians. Take that POS statue and put it outside of town at Monument park with all the other Communist trash statues.

  13. AC Rozgony says: “The country is nationalistic and not open to much other than white Christianity.”
    That means Hungary will continue to work while the rest of Europe outside Visegrad and the UK crumble into multiethnic chaos. Appreciate what you have or leave.

  14. Wise people those Hungarians. Having lived under Soviet domination for almost fifty years, they know a symbol of Marxist oppression when they see one.

  15. The Eurasian spirit of the Magyars, taking zero prisoners, won’t be fooled again.

    Heartfelt embrace to my Eurasian brothers and sisters, standing strong for their ancestral values.

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