Székesfehérvár Bory Castle
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Restoration of the Hungarian Bory-vár castle, in a suburban town of Székesfehérvár, has been recently completed. This castle is now operating as a private museum.

This mysterious and beautiful place blurs the boundaries of time and space. Back in the 1912 Hungarian architect, Bory Jenő has decided to seduce the world with his vision of the contemporary elegance. He has planned to build a castle, surrounded by the forest-green alleys, statuesque monuments, fountains, belfries and towers. Jenő began the construction process in the early twentieth century and was a regular contributor to the adjustments and corrections until his death in 1957.

Unfortunately, in 1980’s the castle was already in a fading condition, was not well maintained. That is why seven of the Jenő’s grandchildren established a foundation to aggregate bigger public attention. With the money, collected from different philanthropists, subsidies and other social programs, family members were able to start the restoration process. Today, approximately 80% of its original structure and design was completely revived. The place still holds the glorious sense of the polished architectural perfection. From the lush-green garden, located in the inner yard of the castle, visitors can whiteness a contrasting slash of colors and its luminosity.

The next step of the restoration process will be renovation of the unique fountain, set in the garden. According to the construction plan, admiring visitors will be able to see the most splendid part of the inner yard by the summer of 2014. Based on the photos from the Jenő dynasty archives, this fountain is the oldest part of the castle.

Bory castle located in the tranquil surrounding of the Székesfehérvár, has a modest as well as alluring spirit. Thanks to the great cultural events and programs, held in the museum, Bory castle hosts plenty of visitors from all over the Europe.


If you still have not had a chance to visit this place, fondly remembered by many, it is time to plan a trip there. This museum speaks to different generations: keeps its origins and yet reflects the new spirit.

All the necessary information can be found on the Bory-vár official website:

by Ekaterina Egorova

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