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Mno.hu reports that a Hungarian actress, Réka Tenki, along with other nine promising European talents, can make her professional debut in front of the international film industry at the Berlin International Film Festival next year. This opportunity came after being chosen by the European Film Promotion to be part of its Shooting Stars programme that offers a unique opportunity for the young actress to represent Hungary at the festival after so many years.

The news that Réka Tenki was chosen to participate in the Shooting Stars programme is significant because of the reason that she is going to be the 1st Hungarian participant of this programme for ten years.

It is for the 21st time that young and promising actors from all over Europe are going to be in the spotlight at this highly-prestigious event organised in the framework of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Each year, the Shooting Stars jury, composed of professional individuals, choose the 10 talented actors nominated by their own countries. In Hungary, it is the Hungarian National Film Fund which made the nomination for the young actress.

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What to know about Réka Tenki

The Hungarian actress, Réka Tenki, graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. After that, she became the member of the József Katona Theatre and the National Theatre, but since 2016, she has been the member of the Örkény Theatre.

Her early career was already promising as she won the Best Young Female Actress award at the National Theatre Meeting in Pécs. Színikritikusok also awarded her The Most Promising Young Actress title that was followed by honours like the Junior Prima Prize and further professional acknowledgments.

Firstly, she appeared in one of the films of Attila Gigor, The Detective, but the audience could remember her from Dénes Orosz’s Polygamy, István Szabó’s The Door, Ferenc Török’s Istambul and György Pálfi’s Freefall movies, too. In addition to this, she also made an unforgettable performance as a psychologist in the Golden Bear awarded movie of Ildikó Enyedi, On Body and Soul. In her 1st cinematographic film, in Budapest Noir by Éva Gárdos, she played the lover of Zsigmond Gordon who is a fearless and brave photojournalist.

As a psychologist in the movie On Body and Soul/facebook/Testről és lélekről – Enyedi Ildikó új filmje

Furthermore, in 2017, Variety, the prestigious American magazine considered as “the Bible of the show business”, also chose her among the Ten Europeans to Watch.

The Shooting Star programme started in 1998, has been an essential stepping stone in the professional career of many actors. Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Daniel Brühl, Alicia Vikander, Matthias Schoenaerts, Carey Mulligan, Cécile de France, Annamaria Marinca and Ludivine Sagnier also considered this opportunity a springboard in their lives.

From Hungary, Szonja Oroszlán, Eszter Ónodi, Dorka Gryllus, Gabriella Hámori and Zsolt Nagy got so far the invitation to the prestigious Berlinale. The last invited Hungarian was Orsi Tóth in 2009, and that is why it is such a great thing that Hungary represents itself again at the event with the prodigious Réka Tenki.

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