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During FIDESZ’s current term the Buda Castle riding hall, the main guard’s building, and the Stöckl stairs will be rebuilt, and the Castle’s St Stephen hall will also be renovated by 2018, reported.

Currently, the Buda Castle gives home to the Hungarian National Gallery (MNG), the Budapest History Museum (BTM), and the National Széchényi Library (OSZK). Still, only 34% of the building is open for visitors; after moving the MNG and the OSZK this percentage should be doubled. The three institutions only had 365.000 visitors in 2014 while the Castle was visited by 3.2 million tourists.

As part of the Hauszmann plan, first the Csikós Court and the riding hall is renovated, and a garage is going to be built below them by April. The main guard’s building, that was demolished in 1972, is going to be rebuilt along with the Stöckl stairs and a hidden escalator, which will help pedestrians to reach the sites from Tabán. Another garage is planned to be under the Fisherman’s bastille, at Szabó Ilonka Street, and one at Lovas street.

The 2016 budget provides 3.4 billion HUF for the National Hauszmann plan and another 1.5 billion HUF for the garages. There is 317 million HUF  taken to move the BTM to the Kiscell Museum. The reconstruction of the Carmelite monastery will approximately cost 5 billion HUF.

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