Right-leaning Member of Parliament Zsolt Becsó shared on his Facebook page on Wednesday morning that he is going into an official quarantine for ten days because his coronavirus test was positive. He wrote that the quarantine expires today, and he will continue to work from tomorrow.

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Posted by Becsó Zsolt országgyűlési képviselő on Saturday, April 24, 2021

He sat in Parliament twice in the last ten days. Last Monday, he listened to Viktor Orbán, and on Tuesday, he voted on the outsourcing of university foundations. Momentum and Párbeszéd reported the MP for violating quarantine rules.

After the publication of Telex’s article, the press department of the Fidesz fraction and Becsó also said that the MP only went testing after Tuesday’s vote. Although he sensed symptoms on Sunday, he thought he just had a cold. On the day of the vote, he no longer had any sense of taste and smell, but he still entered the Parliament.

He was tested at the Salgótarján hospital on Tuesday afternoon, and the test came back positive on Wednesday. An official quarantine has been ordered, which, according to Becsó, was reported from Monday, and according to the decision, the obligation expires on May 7th.

Zsolt Becsó looked at his calendar and thought it was Wednesday, May 5th. With this, he explained the claim of his previous post that official quarantine expires today.

During the ten days, the symptoms were minimal,

wrote the representative.

However, if the ten-day quarantine expires today, he had to have been sitting at home last week, but on Tuesday, his vote was also needed to pass the law that will place 70 per cent of Hungarian higher education under foundations.

“Mr Zsolt Becsó took part in the vote last Tuesday, returning from there to take a coronavirus test. He acted in accordance with the rules in everything,” the press department of the Fidesz fraction replied to Telex.

However, Becsó points out in several places in his Facebook post that the ten-day quarantine expires on May 5; already in the first sentence, he says that “it is the last day of official home quarantine.”

“I went on a trip on April 25, my nose was running on Monday, but I didn’t attach much importance to it, I thought I just had a cold,” Zsolt Becsó told Hvg.hu.

Since the symptoms first appeared on Sunday, the ten-day quarantine was calculated from Monday.

“It expires tomorrow morning,” Becsó writes.

The MP still did not respond to Telex’s request but shared the sampling and official quarantine document on his Facebook page. According to the rules currently in place, he must be under house quarantine until May 7, ie Friday.

“Since, thank God, I no longer have any symptoms, I don’t have a fever, I don’t cough, my head doesn’t hurt and my well-being is okay, I would really go back to work,” the MP writes.

“However, I still have to wait for this because as it turned out for me, it’s not the sixth, but the fifth, so I have to stay a little more in quarantine.”

He thanked everyone for the concern and kind words and encouraged everyone to vaccinate themselves. Incidentally, the MP also revealed in his post that he had already received the first vaccination.

“I am convinced that the fact that I received my first vaccination in early March (AstraZeneca) played a decisive role in the mild course,” said the representative of Fidesz, adding that he had always been for vaccines. He also sees from his own example that vaccination prevents more severe symptoms from developing.

On April 24, like several other pro-government politicians, Becsó sat out on a terrace to celebrate the 3.5 million vaccinated people and the opening of the terraces. Three days later, he tested positive for covid.

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Source: telex.hu

  1. Well done. This man taking his job seriously. Members of parliament have been vaccinated so there is no reason to make a bid deal of this house member’s attendance. He deserves to be reelected.

  2. I’m guessing your comment is a tongue in cheek? You do understand he violated the rules right? He knowingly entered parliament with no sense of taste or smell. One vaccination doesn’t make one immune.

  3. “A.Nonymous” should take a laxative and then shove his empty cranium up into his own backside.

    This would be a more sensible variation on his ‘tongue in cheek’ comment.

  4. From my understanding there has been no breaking of quarantine regulations –

  5. Cabbage head Neuman chortling at his own less than intelligent wit again?!

  6. On Tuesday he went into parliament feeling unwell. On Sunday he had cold like symptoms which included lack of taste and smell, that’s two days prior to going to parliament but failed to act on them. Instead he waited until AFTER the vote. The government’s website says if you have ANY symptoms DON’T GO OUT INTO THE COMMUNITY but rather get tested. He maintained he thought he had a cold. So anyone can say that then. He didn’t heed his party’s advice. Do as I say and not as I do ……..
    The diarrhoea ‘Neuman’ spiels out makes us think he’s always on laxatives.

  7. There are so many TOTAL IDIOTS hiding behind “ANONYMOUS” masks that it confirms the ‘looney-left’ has now infected “DAILY NEWS HUNGARY”.

    Thank goodness that only Hungarian citizens – NOT these ‘anemones’ – can vote in next year’s general elections.

    How on Earth will such predatory creatures justify their PATHETIC existences when the votes are counted and the opposition ‘sausage coalition’ (together with its corrupt Brussels-based backers)
    is shown a giant middle finger ?

    Oh dear, yet more slime to remove from Hungary.

  8. When backed into a corner Neuman’s comments are always amusing to read. It’s the capital letters, so much anger in his misguided views that no one could possibly be as clever and witty as him …..!

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